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Another Round of Thoughts in Monte Cristi

Submitted by eagle on Thu, 12/05/2019 - 17:51

An idea I had, not sure if it already exists: make 3D graphics (either for display on a screen, or 3D printing) that represent the sound wave of a song or other audio. A cube shows a graph of the wave, like mountains or a terrain.

Another idea: 3D print a small house, e.g. 1 cm cube size. When people ask me where I live, pull it out and answer, "aqui mi casa!" ("here's my house!").

Jejej. As I was working, some animals walked up to me along the sidewalk. I was about to shoo them away, thinking they were dogs, but it turns out they were goats! Goats have strange eyes.

Dominican companies don't seem to believe in having as many layers of packaging as American companies do. I often open a product, such as the bizcocho (pound cake) ice cream tub I just opened, thinking there will be a protective seal underneath the cover, only to find that it opens directly into the product.

I feel like some companies cater to the Dominican market (and other developing economies) by making products in smaller, more affordable packages. Yet, some other products come in larger formats, which I guess at least offers economies of scale.

Here, marketing is often conducted by people driving around in trucks while blaring announcements.

Interesting to see which American or international companies do better here or in other countries. Coca-Cola seems like one of the most international American companies. Lays, too. Google, Facebook, and WhatsApp are other common brands.

Energy drinks cost less here. The local ones often cost around half a dollar per bottle. The American or international ones often cost a dollar or two per bottle.


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