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Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles: Version 0.8!

Submitted by eagle on Thu, 11/28/2019 - 22:03

Another day in Monte Cristi!

Doing some more work!

I'm going through changes. As I stay in one place, I'm working on myself, traveling in other ways.

I'm getting set to work on the goggles again!

This may be my last chance to edit the goggles this month!

It can be difficult to get going on a project.

I want to make these goggles so that I have a design that fits my face.

I hope also the faces of others.

They look solid to me!

I want to expand the strap holders.

That's functionality.

The style, there are a few areas that I want to edit. However, I may leave those for future iterations.

I find it hard to find a productive working environment.

Often, the places with resources (wifi, AC, water, etc.) are busy, loud places.

To a certain extent, one has to work anyways, regardless of the environment.

However, I think that some environments are so "dirty" that one loses instead of gains by working in them.

After a while of fighting, I found a way that I think works to angle back the frame!

Introduces some more tough stuff, but I think I like this!

After a bunch more work, I now have a larger holder!


Here's another draft, let's call it version 0.8!

This has the basic features that I wanted. Still presumably numerous adjustments before finishing.

Some imagery!



Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!

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