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Submitted by eagle on Fri, 11/22/2019 - 16:53

I'm now more patient.

After the bank process went through, feeling more normal again. Bought groceries. Withdrew cash.

In Latin societies, I feel more personable. People greet me, I greet people. Interactions are more often friendly. Less often confrontational, as I feel North American societies can be. As a result (of this and other factors such as preferable weather), I often feel happier in Latin countries.

I'm seriously liking my adopted town of Monte Cristi, and even having an adopted town!

My week without cash has taught me much. First of all, in terms of obviousness, cash is extremely useful.

Also, people are often supportive. If you ever find yourself in a crush, it's probably best to get out and talk. Most people do not want someone suffering in their community. People will most likely provide the necessities.

Also, I like Caribbean food!

I commit more than before to working responsibly, taking care of logistics, and ensuring that I contribute whenwhere I can!

Looks like the worst of the storms are over for now, metaphorically & literally!


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