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Bike Repairs & Monte Cristi

Submitted by eagle on Thu, 11/14/2019 - 17:58

This area of Republica Dominicana has tons of butterflies. Sometimes, like today, when I go walking the air is full of butterflies! A beautiful effect.

I had chalked up Monte Cristi as a conservative small town. It has a large military base, numerous churches, and other such indicators. However, while walking around the outskirts of town, I came across a "boutique sex shop," of the type that I usually associate with liberal towns.

While walking, I found a fruit tree. Turned out to be jagua! Found my first jagua fresh from the tree. Still somewhat underripe, but solid flavor!

Monte Cristi, Republica Dominicana

A truck just drove by, blaring an announcement for "gallinas a cien," etc. (hens for two dollars).

Each place has its appeals and its drawbacks. Here in the tropics, the stinging insects are definitely a drawback! Not complaining though, I'm happy to have insects and warm weather, instead of cold weather without insects.

Doing some bike repairs. My usual clumsy self is slow.

Republica Dominicana has a culture of street vendors. People walk around selling many different products, often carrying loads of the products in baskets on the vendors' heads. One of the funnier products that I see for sale is toilet paper. Vendors walk around yelling that they have toilet paper for sale, with rolls of it on their head.

The tube had at least two holes, as I had suspected. After adding another patch, I'm seeing if this one holds.

Even though I'm not much of a mechanic, with a bit of patience, thought, and effort I can get by.

A few recent repeat lessons:

  •     The water test for holes is one of the most effective (you can see air bubbles escaping from a hole when you hold a tube underwater).
  •     Narrower, larger, thicker wheels such as 700 C are way more effective for touring than wider, smaller, thinner wheels such as 26".
  •     Tools and parts come and go.
  •     It's often way easier and less time-consuming to use new parts, such as a new tube, instead of messing around with old, broken parts, such as patches.
  •     Regular preventive care is often way more effective than fixing things later.
  •     Make sure to keep your bike in running condition!

Many of these lessons also apply more broadly, of course.

Seems like the second patch has the tube holding. We'll see!


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