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Caribbean Jottings

Submitted by eagle on Sat, 06/19/2021 - 16:34

Idea: decaffeinated chocolate. :)

Chocolate has some caffeine in it. When I eat a ton of dark chocolate, I can feel it. I suppose I can just eat non-chocolate sweets.

The taste of breadfruit is elusive. Hard to describe. Sweet, smooth, sour, soft.

Somewhat citric.  Somewhat tropical.

Somewhat like artichoke. Somewhat grassy. Somewhat like guanabana.

Seems like there's a local election going on. Trucks are driving around with music and speakers. I heard one talking about growing more bananas. This is a highly agricultural area, one of the main banana-growing regions in the country.

They have some catchy music. I think it would be funny, if not practical, to have catchy jingles during math lectures. :)

Looking at the map again, I'm becoming excited to get back out there on the road!

I've appreciated having a pause. Also, I may not have appreciated travel as much anyways with things closed due to Coronavirus. Maybe soon things will reopen!

Things normally become fucked up, for anyone. It's normal. :)

Go on!!!!! :)

Eagle Gamma

Left Brain vs. Right Brain at SimplyPsychology

Submitted by eagle on Mon, 05/31/2021 - 21:47

My latest piece is out!

Left Brain vs. Right Brain at SimplyPsychology:

The brain consists of twin halves, a left hemisphere alongside a nearly symmetrical right hemisphere.

Hemispheric lateralization is the idea that both hemispheres are functionally different and that certain mental processes and behaviours are mainly controlled by one hemisphere rather than the other.

Read it now!

Eagle Gamma at SimplyPsychology

Breadfruit & Wads of Cash!!!!!

Submitted by eagle on Mon, 05/31/2021 - 21:07

It's normal to have problems. I guess we should see it as normal to deal with them.

I'm feeling at the bottom of a cycle now. At least in some senses. Trouble at work, as well as opportunities. Problems with several long-term projects I'm working on, as well as opportunities. Issues with the bank situation, as well as opportunities. Things breaking, and rebuilding. I guess maybe not a bottom, but feeling numerous pressures.

I think that some of these issues will work out, some may not, and I can adjust, and there'll be other issues.

"No I'm not drinking! I'm an emotional mess!" :)

You often don't know what's best for you, so it can make sense to try things anyways.


Breadfruit tastes amazing!

Many people in the Caribbean seem to cook them, often when they're under-ripe (deliberately). Someone told me they can be toxic, but I don't think that's accurate. I just tried some raw, mature breadfruit, and it's sweet!

Cooked, immature: somewhat like potatoes.
Cooked, mature: somewhat like artichokes.
Raw, mature: somewhat like other topical fruits.


Melts in your mouth. Sweet, somewhat sour. Easy, convenient, fun.

Trying to cook them has often been frustrating. They mature quite fast. But why bother, when they taste better raw?


I love breadfruit!

Each one is unique.

Oh my goodness!

Smooth, creamy, sweet, flavorful.

It's like eating a giant, sweet avocado!

They should've called it "paradisefruit"!

Idea: breadfruit beer, wine, or whiskey!

(Some of my breadfruits seem to have fermented spontaneously, giving me that idea.)


Learning about celeri-rave (celeriac). Apparently you can eat it raw or cooked. As fries with mustard sauce or mayo. Sauteed, au gratin, en ragout, en frites!

Celeriac: tastes like celery.

Celeriac & Sauce

French Caribbeans only seem to use some French food. They eat tons of French bread, they eat crêpes, they eat some other French foods. But they don't seem to use others. While my French Caribbean cleaning lady was cleaning the fridge, she thought that some blue cheese had gone bad. :) Also, she had no idea what celeri-râve was.

Being an adult means you can eat as much chocolate as you want, whenever you want. :)

Stashing thousands of dollars in cash, now in Euros. My bank card expires today. I only have a "neobank" card. It seems like I can't open a traditional bank account so far with what documents I have in Guadeloupe. We'll see how long Coronavirus goes, how the banks work out!

Cash stash


Gradually Progressing

Submitted by eagle on Sun, 05/09/2021 - 19:31

Idea for a product name: Comfort Cadet. :)

Looking back over some earlier work over the weekend, I feel like I'm growing somewhat as an artist, and a person. :)

I'm the same basic person, but with a few more skills, some more knowledge.

Also I think somewhat slower now. :)

With a somewhat bigger bank account, but much more stuck in Guadeloupe. :)

Stuck in Guadeloupe for the Coronavirus with my last remaining bank card about to expire, I'm stashing some cash. I feel like a drug dealer. :)

Things often work out circuitously, but they do seem to find ways to work out!!!!! :)

The countries where I want to spend much of the next years, e.g. in Latin America, also cost less! Not that cost is my main consideration, but another nice coincidence! :)

There's tons more content than people can use, available free. Tough to stand out! I guess you have to offer something new & useful.


Yesterday, the technician from the phone company didn't show up. I bought a phone service that I don't need, so that I can have a bill to my address, so that I can open a bank account. The banks have some uptight policies. Today, the technician showed up, but said that he couldn't go ahead with the installation, due to the setup of the apartment.

This morning, the cleaning lady asked for a preposterous rate increase (again), for preparing food which she hasn't even been doing!

None of the mail that I've been expecting for months has arrived.

I feel like I'm in a comedy about the Caribbean. And it's not even Monday! :)

No matter who you are, some annoying things happen. So, I guess just deal with things, expect those, and adjust.

There'll generally be challenges, so I'm working to see life as more of a flexible challenge board, rather than in terms of problems.

Eagle Gamma

While looking at photo of Kyrgyz nomads, my thought: "I'm more nomadic than they are!" :)

Suusamyr Valley (3968060227).jpg
By Peretz Partensky from San Francisco, USA - Sassamir Valley, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

Maybe some of them are more nomadic than I:

Ishenbek and Berkut scout for prey. (3968888530).jpg
By Peretz Partensky from San Francisco, USA - Ishenbek and Berkut scout for prey., CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

Go Eagle! :)

Psychology Theory at Massive Science!

Submitted by eagle on Sun, 05/02/2021 - 18:28

I wrote this short piece for Massive Science:

Just 15 percent of psychology studies are strongly rooted in theory

Eagle Gamma psychology writing

Psychology is the science of the human mind and behavior. It evolved from the other sciences, like biology, physics, and sociology. Along the way, it has developed into one of the more socially relevant sciences, with its findings applying to government, business, relationships, sports, and many other topics. But a key challenge for the field is that the mind is less tangible than organisms, matter, or even people themselves. The field also has a replication crisis on its hands, in addition to the skepticism that many people already hold towards the notion of studying the mind scientifically.

But does psychology even have functional theory — a set of cumulative explanations for why something is the way it is?

Please share!

Tropical Roots

Submitted by eagle on Sat, 05/01/2021 - 18:16

Taking the Social Readjustment Rating Scale, a stress test where over 300 points indicates extreme stress with risk of illness, I received a score of 405. This doesn't even include Coronavirus stress, which has become a serious issue. I guess my anxiety makes sense. And this is an "easy" year for me! :)

I have the feeling that I'm finally working my way through many of my earlier goals. A bunch remaining. I don't necessarily expect to finish them all. Also, I do expect to develop more goals, in fact I already am doing so. Nonetheless, I at least feel free! :)

Feels funny to remain in Capesterre Belle-Eau, Guadeloupe! Also working out conveniently.

I like living in the tropics! Makes me feel somewhat lazier than I'd sometimes want, but it's pleasant. I also like the desert. Anything consistently warm. A touch of cool I occasionally like.

I'm considering this "time out" in Capesterre, Guadeloupe as a decent "free time". It keeps on offering surprising advantages. On the other hand, even with this attitude, I do often feel frustration, as I want to travel more, see other countries. I guess that fits with the notion of advantages & disadvantages.

Madère et morue

People use crazy risky drugs, like huffing gas, drinking alcohol, or smoking cigarettes. Seems like we can achieve more desirable mental outcomes through work, relaxation, exercise, sunshine, socializing, contributing to each other, or the like.

CapesterreI'm even nowadays finding new French & Caribbean & foreign products at the grocery store, after around a year in Guadeloupe. :)

I guess we have to flip-spin into whichever situations we find ourselves out of through! :)



I'm acclimatizing to my new life in Guadeloupe. Not Guatemala, nor Guadalajara. Anyways, small town, I've got beach, I've got mountain, I've got fruit, I've got company.

Still, wanting to leave!

Just made some taro, with fish (cod), vegetables, rice, and herbs. Came out delicious!



The cleaning lady who lives opposite me taught me to make (true) yam, yesterday. Same basic process, which I already roughly knew, but she taught me some tricks. Seems these roots can be somewhat toxic if not fully prepared, as I learned from reading.

The cleaning lady has become quite active, yesterday she came by wanting to prepare for me a can of beans! I think she's looking for extra work.

Anyways, more tropical roots!


Cat o' nine tails, nine ways to skin a cat, a cat has nine lives. What's up with cats and the number nine?

Is it to one-up the "ca(t)nine"?

If a product markets itself as containing 48% ingredients from sustainable agriculture, isn't that admitting that it uses 52% ingredients from unsustainable agriculture? :)


The taro eats like a soft porridge, melts in your mouth. Mild, pleasant flavor. Goes well with other foods.

Idea: a movie about cleaning lady school. :)

I'm still missing the iguana! :)

Keep On!

Eagle Gamma