LifePath2!!! :)

Submitted by eagle on Sat, 05/20/2017 - 00:33

Check out the coolest LifeFLOW creature yet!!! :)

Introducing LifePath2! :)


The LifePath2 is a path (or series of connected geometric points). Unlike its predecessor species, the more straightlaced LifePath, the newer LifePath2 contains curves as well. The species tends towards largeness, relative to its environment, with sizes ranging from around 50 to 400 in each direction (relative to a 450 square scale).

The LifePath2 has a distinctive color set of a bright yellow fill with a bright orange stroke. The overall habit resembles a cactus (like the Saguaro). Occasionally, reticulating curves produce the striking effect of a topographically complex shape with hollow "inner" sections that are actually outside the creature, kind of like a digital atoll.

Life cycle

The LifePath2 species can be created by hand, or born to other LifePath2 parentage. It roams around its environment somewhat like its predecessor species LifePath. However, sometimes when a LifePath2 encounters another creature, the LifePath2 gets eaten or reproduces. Reproduction can take place by cloning or by producing a litter of three new LifePath2's. Thus, in this species, as in some types of biological creatures, death and reproduction are closely connected.

Reproduction occurs around one fifth as often as death, by some reports, although counteracted by the litter size of three, this leads to a homeostatic balance in which the species retains an average population of a solitary specimen, with occasional bursts of reproduction and death.

A truly solitary LifePath2, living in an environment with no other generated creatures, will wander about randomly in a tightly confined space like some kind of lunatic. Clearly a symbiotically social species -- or rather a symabiotically social species!


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