New multicellular LifeFLOW3D organism! :)

A huge new advance in the evolution of synthetic life at LifeFLOW3D!

Rock & Roll!!! :)

LifeFLOW3D Digitarium: Butterflyz!

Here's a brand new video showing the latest evolutions of butterflyz at LifeFLOW3D:

These creatures behave digitally like biological cells.
And here are a few images:

Rock & Roll!!! :)

New Butterflyz! :)

New butterflyz! :)
New butterflyz! :)

The butterflyz are evolving! :)
After some reproductive activity, here are a few new specimens from LifeFLOW3D:

This marks the next step in our new butterflyz breeding program! :)
Keep on checkin' in...
Rock & Roll!!! :)

Improvements to Butterflyz in LifeFLOW3D!

LifeFLOW3D 272

Here's a screenshot showing some butterflyz in LifeFLOW3D:

The environment is now more manipulable. This is the first new step since version 1.0, and the beginning of future developments...
Rock & Roll! :)

LifeFLOW3D Digitarium: Butterflyz!

These creatures amaze me.

How do you feel?


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