New Butterflyz! :)

New butterflyz! :)
New butterflyz! :)

The butterflyz are evolving! :)
After some reproductive activity, here are a few new specimens from LifeFLOW3D:

This marks the next step in our new butterflyz breeding program! :)
Keep on checkin' in...
Rock & Roll!!! :)

Behind the scenes at LifeFLOW3D!

Here's a sneak peak behind the scenes at LifeFLOW3D:

Rock & Roll! :)

Improvements to Butterflyz in LifeFLOW3D!

LifeFLOW3D 272

Here's a screenshot showing some butterflyz in LifeFLOW3D:

The environment is now more manipulable. This is the first new step since version 1.0, and the beginning of future developments...
Rock & Roll! :)

LifeFLOW3D - The Player's Guide

New at LifeFLOW3D: The Player's Guide:

The Player's Guide - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


LifeFLOW3D is a fun game that is sort of like a garden or aquarium, but on your computer.


First of all, load up the game file. When you see the main menu, you can practice steering a sample block around by using the arrow keys (up, down, left, right). Easy! Next...

Play now!

LifeFLOW3D Digitarium: Butterflyz!

These creatures amaze me.

How do you feel?

LifeFLOW3D - Soundtrack

Enjoy the complete soundtrack from LifeFLOW3D Digitarium version 1.0! :)

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!! :)

LifeFLOW3D @ Libre Game Wiki!


LifeFLOW3D Digitarium lets you play with moving software creatures, as they float about and explore their lush environments.
Download and play at GameJolt!
Project page at GitHub.

LifeFLOW3D Digitarium - GPL

LifeFLOW3D Digitarium is released under the viral GNU General Public License 3.0 license, which guarantees you the freedom to use, examine, and share the software.
Learn more about LifeFLOW3D and download it at GameJolt!

You can view the new GitHub page here.
You can download the source files here.
To build LifeFLOW3D, you will also need to download the freely available Blender.
Please send any questions or comments to
Rock & Roll!!! :)

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