Snowy Owl Barrow AlaskaWorlds O Wisdom (WOW) provides unique information on meaningful action: what to do, why, how, when and where, how much, and above all: who. (Or, as Wally Wowl would say: Hoo!)
What is WOW? It is a community of people who care about experience, and who want to explore values. What should one do? Why? In which conditions? We get together in order to answer these and other questions. Current WOWs include CodeWOW and LifeWOW and TaleWOW.

LifeFLOW3D - Fants!

Watch these flying artificial ants! :)

Rock & Roll! :)

LifeFLOW3D Digitarium Beta!

Finally, here is the LifeFLOW3D Digitarium Beta! :)
Please download, play, and let us know what you think!

Image gallery here.

Rock & Roll!!! :)

LifeFLOW3D Theme Music! :)

Have a listen to the brand new LifeFLOW3D theme music! :)

And here's a cooler variant:

I've been composing up a storm, so there are also some more treats in store...
Please let me know what you think, life@worldsowisdom.com.
Rock & Roll! :)

LifeFLOW3D 174! :)

Welcome to the new and improved LifeFLOW3D! :)

Please send any questions or comments to life@worldsowisdom.com! :)

The Bubble! :)

New story at TaleWOW! :)
The Bubble

You see, I can still step out beyond the building walls, but only while I'm firmly insulated within my snug protective bubble. It's made of a metalkonium sphere with hyperceramic inlays...

Rock & Roll! :)

And another new version! :)

Bitly we grow along... Here's 139 with a new menu! :)
BTW it's now actually quite fun to play with... :)
Rock & Roll! :)



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