San Juan notes

Submitted by eagle on Wed, 07/24/2019 - 19:23

Sitting in a book shop. Maybe going to RD today. Otherwise, stuck on this island.

Now in a part of San Juan, Puerto Rico that I've mostly seen already. Sort of a busy, yet not particularly nice, area.

There are enough things to see and do, but it's so dense that I'd rather get to a quieter place. However, I want to stay near enough to the ferry station that I can walk there any day that I decide to go.

Puerto Rico is a fairly noisy country. It's more like American noise, with cars and somewhat angry music (but also somewhat festive). I prefer Mexican loudness, which is more festive.

The island of Puerto Rico is a small chunk of America that broke off into the Caribbean.

People come in different shapes and sizes. Each shape or size is adapted to the place where it evolved. In Puerto Rico, there are facial features and body types which show some heritage from the first Asian settlers. The overall profile seems fairly Latin, with its mix of Asian and European features. Nowadays, numerous Puerto Ricans show typically American features, such as the obesity of an American diet.

One huge frustration of traveling on islands is getting onto or off of them. I keep getting stuck in situations where I'm ready to go, but for various island-related reasons it's impractical to leave. That can leave one feeling frustrated. However, it does also afford a chance to take care of some other things like unfinished chores. However, I'd still prefer just to go anywhere whenever I feel like it, as one can more reasonably do on a continent.

The humidity of the tropics is, as I've previously mentioned, really annoying me. Swollen sinuses, etc.

I feel like I've already commented on most of what I think or feel about Puerto Rico. I guess that ties in with the feeling of stuckness. If I still had different perspectives, then I probably wouldn't feel stuck.

Also, on returning back to the capital, I still agree with many of my thoughts and feelings from the first time. I guess I have some consistency, at least.

An island has a sense of sovereignty. Even if it's not sovereign, which often happens on islands, it's isolated enough to have a distinctness to it. The island is more independent (as its use in metaphors suggests). An island off an island, or an island off an island off an island, feels respectively more isolated, sovereign.

Are outside/inside reversed? Should we call "indoors" the wild, and "outdoors" the houses we build?

San Juan does have a large number of attractive young adults. I guess each place has its pros and cons.