Puerto Rico notes

Submitted by eagle on Wed, 07/03/2019 - 22:49

There are so many possibilities in life.

It seems like such a shame just to do the default. Instead, through taking wild chances on our dreams and desires, we can sometimes achieve remarkable outcomes, experiences.

Camped out in a field last night. Large plants. In the tropics, there's so much sunlight and rain that plants grow rapidly. Grasses, pseudo-trees, etc., putting out as much stuff as they can, as fast as they can.

Puerto Ricans seem to get food right, in a basic sense. Puerto Rican food is often not very innovative. It consists of many staples, such as rice, beans, bread, bananas, etc. However, they make it hot, soft, fast, and affordable. They do not use much in the way of spices. The food tastes comforting, if not that exciting.

Puerto Ricans seem quite musical. I often hear Puerto Ricans singing or whistling or humming, more than elsewhere. Puerto Rico has also produced a number of internationally known musicians and hit songs.

Puerto Rico is a beautiful country to visit. It's small enough that it's densely packed with interesting things, and easy to get around. Just about every day, I find something rewarding. That's one benefit of a small island. Unlike huge continents where you can find days of repetitive places, here you soon get into a different section of land.

Puerto Rico is a very convenient place. Things seem to go smoothly. Quite a contrast versus Cuba!

Happy Independence Day!