Annoyances and Victories!

Submitted by eagle on Fri, 06/28/2019 - 21:59

Having a hard time with maintenance, as usual during travel (and even while not traveling). The bike front brakes now seem to work much better, but the basket blocks the brakes. Minor computer issues, too.

Morning of minor frustrations. My rear tire (the usual culprit) seems to have a small hole, after patching it twice from running over some thorny plant area. Maybe one of the patches didn't affix firmly, and is leaking.

Each mango is a journey, an adventure. How you enjoy a mango depends on how you acquire it, peel it, eat it, and discard it. I just ate a few mangos that I collected fresh from a tree, peeled by hand, ate messily, then recycled the peel. Yum!

I moved the front basket on top of the handlebar. This way it at least seems to stay out of the way of the brakes and brake levers. However, it still tips over, so I'm going to continue adjusting it. I'm not a very mechanically skillful person. I can get by, but I struggle.

With today's technology for transportation and communication, it's quite possible to travel internationally. One doesn't have to have large amounts of money, special connections, or anything. Not that a bicycle is sophisticated technology, but that requires more time and effort.

Have a fun weekend!