Rounding the Bend in Puerto Rico!

Submitted by eagle on Wed, 06/26/2019 - 20:20

Windows showed Big Sur as a background image. They used a photo very comparable to the one on!


Took yesterday off. Napped much of the day.




I think the most Puerto Rican word I've learned so far is "pesca'ito"!


I'm now heading north along the western coast of Puerto Rico. Going way faster on a bicycle!


Another barely avoided technoscare. External hard drive had got somewhat wet in the rain. Plugging it in, the laptop didn't recognize it. After I scraped off some of the rust from a cable, the laptop recognizes the hard drive!


So far, some of my favorite parts of Puerto Rico include:

  1. The kind people.
  2. The beaches.
  3. El Yonque
  4. The food


One of my favorite parts of traveling is planning. I love looking at maps, figuring out routes, destinations, etc.!