Shopping in Humacao

Submitted by eagle on Thu, 06/13/2019 - 16:00

Puerco Rito?

After thinking of going to Caguas for the variety - mountains instead of more coast - I'm switching my thinking to leaning towards the beach. Why climb up a sizable mountain for Caguas? It doesn't sound that appealing to me. I'd go for a more motivating destination, but from what I've seen so far, the city and its surroundings don't seem that different from what I already know. For now, I'm leaning towards just carrying on around the coast.


Did a sizable (for me) shop. After a while out in low population areas, had a chance to pick up some long-neglected items. Now have a laptop bag with functional zippers. Also, a tent! Of course, with so much more weight (I also bought groceries), my carry case is now breaking! Not sure yet how to fix that.


Today, walked from the shopping areas at the edge of town into the center of Humacao. It's a somewhat scenic college town. Puerto Rico continues to remind me of a mix of the continental US with Cuba, which I guess it is.


I'm now thinking of spending an extra day or so in Humacao, then walking along the coast. I can get to the central mountain valley later, from the other (northern) side, if I feel like it. However, this is probably my only chance to see this section of the coast. Also, I feel much more like going for a beach stroll than hiking up a mountain now.


I'm starting to renormalize. Feeling more like a person in a developed country again. After Cuba, I had to fix up banking, clothing, etc. Still working on it, and of course while adventure traveling one always feels extraordinary!