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Quite a first day in Nassau!


Arrived on the overnight mailboat from Bimini…


It's funny to see tall buildings on such a small island.


<port pix>


Came in at the port!


<pix port>


Walking along the restaurants by the water, had a breakfast of pig's feet souse. Fresh off the boat, I ask what is pig's feet souse. She asks if I've ever tried chicken souse. It turns out to be a stew containing allspice and other flavors.


<souce pix>


Later in the day, ate mutton curry at a Jamaican place, then steam chicken at a Haitian place.


The food here, which is tasty, seems to get stuck in one's teeth, so I think of it as "flossing food."


For some reason, Chinese and Greek stuff seems popular in Nassau. I've already lost track of how many Chinese restaurants I've seen here, along with Chinese traditional medicine and more.


The people here generally seem friendly, it has a small town feel. I like the architecture, small colorful buildings. Tons of music, which I feel comes out of the streets as in New Orleans. The weather is of course nice, it's the Caribbean!