Puerto Rico blog May 16, 2019

Submitted by eagle on Sun, 05/19/2019 - 17:53


Another day, another country! :)


So far, Puerto Rico seems like a beautiful if straightforward country.

I like the people so far, more than in Cuba. I felt the same way about Puerto Ricans versus Cubans in Miami. Both are Latin, Caribbean people, with warmth, comforting food, cool music, etc. Puerto Ricans seem way more relaxed. Cubans seem more insistent.

Seeing store shelves stocked with stuff, what a different sight!

The restaurants here cost considerably more, but provide more of the mains, less of the staples.

It's like being in the US, which it is!

I still haven't figured out many of the details of the country. Is it also considered its own country? What language(s) is/are official? Etc. The signs are in Spanish, people speak mostly Spanish but more English. It feels kind of like being in Texas, etc. It's like being in a Miami neighborhood.

So much to do!

Would Cubans even believe in drive-thrus?

It's much more pleasant in Puerto Rico. Relaxing, boring, etc. Less interesting, scenic.

PR is a more developed economy.

So far Puerto Ricans strike me as somewhat plain. Plain-looking women, plain food, etc.

Closing down tons of open tabs, from Nauta (Cuban wifi often failing, requiring reconnections), Airbnb (often failing, requiring refunds), etc.

PR seems developed to the point that, like other parts of the US, there are few kids. Tons of suburbs, cars, fast food chains, etc.

One benefit of Cuba (in addition to another benefit of muchos pedestrians, etc.) is the plethora of fresh people.

Toyota may be the unofficial car brand of PR. Straightforward, works.

So many products and services. When people are free to buy and sell, they find offerings and prices that suit needs, in often unpredicted ways. It just works.

Puerto Ricans seem more respectful than Cubans.

Some life/travel lessons:

It's insane in this environment to expect peace & quiet, to expect things to go according to plan, etc. Instead, take the plunge, adapt! :)

It often takes two or more tries.