Puerto Rico blog May 15, 2019

Submitted by eagle on Sun, 05/19/2019 - 17:48

Upon entry in PR:

Seems far closer to my ideal society than Cuba or mainland USA does!

No huge police presence.

No huge government presence.

Things seem to work.

Laughter! :)

Capitalism works.

So much to think, see, do, try, say, etc.

Things often go "wrong," mistakes happen, etc., but you find ways to travel.

By the way, I think I'm a solid fit for travel, or travel for me.

There's even a subway in San Juan, apparently! :)

Apparently it's hard to get decent Airbnb directions in PR, too. :)

So far Puerto Rico seems like a bigger, more modern society than I would have guessed.

Pop. 5 million? 3 million.

I want to spend a couple of weeks catching up, exploring town, working, meeting people, eating, etc.

Then, maybe a month or two expanding throughout the city.

Then maybe a month or two seeing the rest of the country.

Then maybe boat to Dominican Republic, ride to Haiti? Return to PR?

See if other ferries. Can maybe make PR a base.

Seems like a dense enough country to supply interest for some time, m a few months.

Fresh new country! :)

Part of America. I'll probably get annoyed at the American stuff again soonish. For now it's a breath of fresh air! :)

I'm going for a more tolerant attitude, towards people, places, activities, etc., in PR.

I like small towns.

Big cities can be too loud.

First settle in! :)

Out from the Cuban internet blockade! :)