Cuba blog May 11, 2019

Submitted by eagle on Sun, 05/19/2019 - 17:12

I'm thinking Monday in Bayamo. Bus privado Tues. If by some low odds no bus privado, then bus, or hitchhike, or taxi, etc.

Looks like no town.

Things can seem slow or fast.

I'm now getting ready to leave Cuba. In my head I've already partly left.

It's a gorgeous country. Cuba has oceans, mountains, agriculture, architecture, music, communism. It's a diverse blend of a country. Again, as with other countries, I'm surprised by the variety, compared to my expectations previous to arrival.

I didn't have as precise a set of preconceptions for Cuba as I did for Mexico. I knew something from talking to Cubans in Miami. I feel like Cubans in North America are more like Cubans in Cuba, compared to Mexicans in Mexico versus Mexicans in North America.

I'm now considering staying in Bayamo another night, Monday, then taking a maquina to the airport Tuesday.

That would be instead of going closer to the airport Monday. There aren't many Airbnb's to choose from near the airport.

I'm somewhat concerned about getting to the airport without an extra just-in-case day. It's important to me not to lose the ticket!

There should be plenty of buses going Tuesday. If not, then I can probably hitchhike, get a taxi, or find some other solution.

One funny thing about travel is how sometimes there's a huge rush to do many things soon, while other times there's a lengthy period in which to do one thing. Each situation can be difficult, frustrating, but also a rewarding challenge.

Sudden thunderstorm.

I walked out of the river park. Found a nearby house w/ a roof. Ducked under for cover.

People kept walking by, carrying a chicken under an arm. I don't know whether it was for food, or a pet.