Cuba blog May 1, 2019

Submitted by eagle on Sun, 05/19/2019 - 16:44

Tough day.


Walked more, maybe 25 km, that seems like my average for around 8-9 am to 6-7 pm.


International worker's day?

Feeling sick, maybe mango, maybe something else I ate.


Bikers, horses… people gave me mangoes…

Recently I've seen a yard with turkeys & piglets eating mangoes that had fallen to the ground.

Grow wild!

Vomited, some mango came up.

Sick, sore, tired, found a spot to sleep. Right by the side of the road. Some passersby handed me more mangoes.


The place was small, covered in spiky plants. I made removed some of the spiky branches to make the area more comfortable.


More passersby on horses. They said not to sleep there, instead at a house nearby. They showed me the house, introduced me to the resident. I set up my gear to go to sleep.


In the middle of the night, a group of people came by, shining flashlights in my face. It was immigration, with a nurse. They asked me if I was OK. I said yes. They said that it was illegal to sleep there. Even though I had permission from the resident, they said that my Cuban permit only let me sleep in hostels or hotels. They drove me back to the city, which they said was the only way. In a bureaucratic office w/ legacy equipment, they wrote a report. They required me to stay at a specific house, which they said would cost $20-25, much of my hard-won cash. Some of the rest I presume I will have to spend on a bus. Inside, I negotiated a price of $20, including breakfast. The hosts offered me coffee, and said that I could have as many of the mangoes that had fallen from the tree as I wanted!