Cuba blog April 30, 2019

Submitted by eagle on Sun, 05/19/2019 - 16:42

Another long day.


Walked a while.


In one town, some kind people put me on a bus to the next city, Trinidad.


Walked around Trinidad. A beautiful old city, patrimonio, tons of tourists. "Taxi!" at most corners. Or "Habitacion?" ("Room?")


Made an Airbnb reservation. The listing didn't include the address, as seems to be a common issue in Cuba. Looked for it for a while, didn't find it.


Finally, someone called the phone number for me. Went to someone who said it was the wrong number. Walked to a bunch of rental places w/ the phone person. (The city is littered w/ rentals.) None available, except for Cuban cash, which I don't have. At one of the cash-only places, they recognized the Airbnb hosts when I showed them my reservation, pointing me to the place. We walked there. Knocked repeatedly. No answer.


About ready to walk out of the city to camp, while the phone person said I should knock more, a woman opens a slot in the door. What do you want? I have a reservation. Show me. I pull out my laptop to show her the reservation. They let me in. By now way after midnight.