Cuba blog April 8, 2019

Submitted by eagle on Sun, 05/19/2019 - 15:40

Another tough day… I suppose they generally are…

Seems that the American bank cards in fact don't work in Cuba. The Cuban banks are worse than the others I've seen. A long line to wait in line. At least the indoors line (after the outdoors line) has air conditioning and seats. A woman stands up. One of the staff women says to please stay seated. The staff seem not to have much knowledge. The bank does not have card readers inside. The ATMs are in various states of out-of-service. Maybe the American bank cards do in theory work in Cuba, but the banks don't???

Also, someone (a woman I ran into in the streets) said the there are no ferries in or out of Cuba, only planes. So that limits that.

At least I figured out more of the wifi. Still, if I only have the cash I managed to exchange in Nassau, then I don't have much in the way of online hours.

Also, I keep getting into situations where there's limited toilet paper. It's annoying to have to manage such trivial things as minutes of wifi, sheets of toilet paper. Maybe that's why Cubans seem so unhappy.

More diarrhea today. I think it was the tamarind or guava juice. I'm going to try to avoid those.