Cuba blog April 6

Submitted by eagle on Sun, 05/19/2019 - 15:11

I'm figuring out what I want to do, what I can do, etc. It's a gradual process. I know generally that I want to have nice travels in the carib., then go. It takes some on the ground to figure out how much of a place I want. What it takes to get there, stay there, leave, etc. There are tons of ways, through. Just keep at it.


In some ways it's hard to travel, in some ways it's maybe easier (at least for me) to travel than to stay in one place. It requires more planning, etc., but one is more free… I like the cultural immersion. You get to see how other people are. I also like the chance to stay in a different culture, i.e. not just for seeing it as an outsider, but also for having it as one's own, even if only for a while.

Cubans in Cuba seem somewhat comparable to Cubans in Miami… I think they've generally adapted to US culture less than Chicanos, but have probably been around a shorter amount…

Cubans seem brusque, aggressive, rural/rough, rude, tough, etc. It seems like a masculine society. Maybe has much to do with being in agro/industrial stage. In 20-30 years, maybe more modern?