Next place in Habana

Submitted by eagle on Tue, 04/09/2019 - 13:35

The new place has closed windows & doors, so that there aren't mosquitoes or loud noises. I slept much better last night.

Another long day of walking. I now feel like I've seen much of the city. I'm starting to feel ready to move on. Also, since I think that my American bank card won't work in Cuba, I have a limited supply of cash. As such, I'm considering a quick ride around the country, then take off. Maybe come back again later.

I have a plane ticket from Havana to Puerto Rico (via Panama). I had to book it quickly to get into Cuba, because officially you need to show that you can leave the country to get in. (They didn't ask for it.) I had tried to book a flexible ticket, but the service didn't accept my payments, so I switched to a different booking service that did accept my payments, but without a flexible ticket. That's (the ticket) for September. I was thinking of spending six months in the country. Now I'm not sure whether I even want to. It's a beautiful country to visit, but I don't feel like it's a total match for my tastes. Also, it's somewhat small. We'll see…

For this book, I'm now thinking of just Latintripping. I don't think there's more to say.

I feel pressured here. In part I suppose that there are pressures anywhere. In part I think it's the tropics, so much sun pouring in that it produces vegetation, activity almost everywhere. Hard to find a quiet spot. Maybe explains the poverty of tropical places.

As of now I feel like I've tried many of the Cuban dishes I've wanted to. At least here. Maybe there are some regional specialties elsewhere in the country.

I've received a number of recommendations from locals for places to visit in Cuba. If I go, want to try visiting…

I like the architecture, coffee, tobacco, vegetation, geography, & more about Cuba. Not such a fan of the noise, pollution, shopping, some of the people, etc. Cuban people seem somewhat rude… They yell… They don't seem to care much for visitors… There are some Cubans who do care...