Another day in Havana, Cuba! :)

Submitted by eagle on Tue, 04/09/2019 - 12:38

Feeling better, after a long day, slept in today for the first time in a while, woke up after nine.

Not sure yet what to do today, my first Sunday in Cuba. Think I'll see what Cubans do on a Sunday. Also, take care of a few chores, including seeing if I can post any of these through wifi, or check e-mail. Doing a load of laundry now.

Things feel so new! After a while, I suppose I'll get accustomed to life in Cuba. For now, there's so much to see and do! I'm already starting to think of next steps. It depends on whether they extend and/or renew the visa. Maybe tour more of the country, otherwise probably a detour to some other island country, then return to Cuba again later.

I had wanted to watch some television, more to see what Cuban TV is like than for the sake of watching. There are two remotes here, I tried one and turned on the TV. Fencing. Not my favorite sport. I pressed the channel up button. "No disponible ("Not available"). Jajajaj.

Another day that I wasn't going to walk much, but wound up walking around the city more. By today, I feel like I've seen much of the city center of Havana. I now feel comfortable with the culture generally. I'm even starting to understand the Cuban accent, although it's still difficult to make out. I don't know how people can settle down in a place for years. After I've seen a city for the weekend, I feel like I'm getting anxious to leave!

More foot massacre today… My feet hurt so much, yet I'm still hungry to see more, so onward I walk. I hope they heal up fine, as of now there are layers upon layers of blisters. It could become an archaeological dig…

Did some shopping today… Bought some queso blanco (white cheese)… soda, imported beer… Ate some more local foods… Bought & ate a chirimoya, a tropical fruit that I didn't know… It's sweet & bland, like Cuba. :)