Idle Thoughts

Submitted by eagle on Sun, 08/15/2021 - 18:12

Eagle Gamma

They should have instructions for new students:

What should you study? Ask yourself what you're interested in.

Drugs and bombs: chemistry
Sex and drugs: psychology
Sex: biology

A somewhat strange time, with the Coronavirus, for everyone and for me, and as usual for me. :)

Somewhat frustrating not to travel, as well as multiple frustrations with work, banks, mail, and other usual areas of frustration. Also somewhat of a relief not to travel, which can add quite a bit of pressure.

Blood Runs Thicker than Water: A Drink Recipe Book for Mosquitoes :)

The weather is a powerful mind-control device.

And body control, for those who make the distinction.

Many people live in the stones ages but with imported smart phones. :)

Most people have most things wrong. :)

I tend to overly worry over many things. Probably a common human failing.

Idea: Ramen soup but with rice instead of noodles.

After seemingly months on end of rain, a few hours of sun, then some more rain. :)

Feeling fine! :)

Maybe back out there again soon?!?!?! :)