Breadfruit & Wads of Cash!!!!!

Submitted by eagle on Mon, 05/31/2021 - 21:07

It's normal to have problems. I guess we should see it as normal to deal with them.

I'm feeling at the bottom of a cycle now. At least in some senses. Trouble at work, as well as opportunities. Problems with several long-term projects I'm working on, as well as opportunities. Issues with the bank situation, as well as opportunities. Things breaking, and rebuilding. I guess maybe not a bottom, but feeling numerous pressures.

I think that some of these issues will work out, some may not, and I can adjust, and there'll be other issues.

"No I'm not drinking! I'm an emotional mess!" :)

You often don't know what's best for you, so it can make sense to try things anyways.


Breadfruit tastes amazing!

Many people in the Caribbean seem to cook them, often when they're under-ripe (deliberately). Someone told me they can be toxic, but I don't think that's accurate. I just tried some raw, mature breadfruit, and it's sweet!

Cooked, immature: somewhat like potatoes.
Cooked, mature: somewhat like artichokes.
Raw, mature: somewhat like other topical fruits.


Melts in your mouth. Sweet, somewhat sour. Easy, convenient, fun.

Trying to cook them has often been frustrating. They mature quite fast. But why bother, when they taste better raw?


I love breadfruit!

Each one is unique.

Oh my goodness!

Smooth, creamy, sweet, flavorful.

It's like eating a giant, sweet avocado!

They should've called it "paradisefruit"!

Idea: breadfruit beer, wine, or whiskey!

(Some of my breadfruits seem to have fermented spontaneously, giving me that idea.)


Learning about celeri-rave (celeriac). Apparently you can eat it raw or cooked. As fries with mustard sauce or mayo. Sauteed, au gratin, en ragout, en frites!

Celeriac: tastes like celery.

Celeriac & Sauce

French Caribbeans only seem to use some French food. They eat tons of French bread, they eat crêpes, they eat some other French foods. But they don't seem to use others. While my French Caribbean cleaning lady was cleaning the fridge, she thought that some blue cheese had gone bad. :) Also, she had no idea what celeri-râve was.

Being an adult means you can eat as much chocolate as you want, whenever you want. :)

Stashing thousands of dollars in cash, now in Euros. My bank card expires today. I only have a "neobank" card. It seems like I can't open a traditional bank account so far with what documents I have in Guadeloupe. We'll see how long Coronavirus goes, how the banks work out!

Cash stash