Dealing with Oneself!

Submitted by eagle on Tue, 06/23/2020 - 18:29

Eagle Gamma in Guadeloupe!

For years in temperate countries, I yearned for warmer climates. Now that I've spent years in the tropics, I'm starting to yearn somewhat for a cooler climate!

Probably only for a while, then I think I'd quickly get sick of it again and want some sun!

Apparently Northern Europeans like to go to the far north for recreation. I guess it's like people further south going to the tropics for vacation.

Sitting here in a bar, nominally Dominican.

Catchy French-language music, reminds me of Haiti.



Some ongoing frustrations. Still haven't found a fully working phone solution. Seems like both the phone and the card that I have are showing issues, and the shops haven't solved it yet.

Power went out at the public place where I've been charging up. Also, more stores are opening. I'm planning to rent again!

Then probably get back out there, when a few more things are open and I've wrapped up my stuff here.

There are some delicious smells around this area.

A recurring theme: often when things don't work out, it's for the best.

I feel like I've become substantially better at many aspects of travel, which also improves my abilities in other areas like work, over the years. I suppose that's part of the process.

I still have tons of areas that I want to work on. Many are psychological.

I still struggle with the basics, after so many years. That's one of my ongoing areas of work, is to get better at taking care of paying work, important chores, and more.

Seems like we're on the way out of Coronavirus territory, but I've thought (and written) so much before, and been wrong.

Often, during work or other activities, I get so involved that I forget why I travel. However, on stepping back, I can see the rewards again!

Music, food, people, places, culture, geography!

I feel like I haven't had that much to say lately, because I've largely just been working. Much of my thought comes from going different places, seeing and doing different things.

There are often occasions when I'm uncertain what to do, and have to act anyways.

Presumably a common situation. I guess we can take chances, do our best!

Still camping out. Maybe rent next week?

After a long week, relaxing w/ a tropical rum punch!

Caribbean music on the loudspeakers!

(Or is it French? I think it's French Caribbean.)

Feeling better!

Each day, week, month, year is different than the last!

We have to adapt to carry on!

Feeling high, tired, happy after a long week!

Things continue to turn out way differently than I expected, but that's what I now expect!

There's always something! :)

I think that some stimuli that annoy me when I'm trying to work don't annoy me when I'm trying to relax.

Jamaintenant (n., Fr., jamais "never" + maintenant "now"): when things happen in the French Caribbean. :)

It still seems so weird to me to be in a French Caribbean place. My impressions of French and Caribbean cultures is somewhat divergent. Both are definitely sense-oriented. But the French seems so refined, the Caribbean so coarse. Anyways, fun!

My feelings are all over the place!

Like the weather!

It feels funny to be human. Like it's normal, but at the same time sort of weird. We handle stuff that we can't make all the time. We don't know a fraction of ourselves. We're just born here. It seems so normal, yet it's so far beyond us. Weird.

I'm somewhat appreciating being middle-agedier.

It's sort of strange having all these capacities, desires, etc., some of which are biological many of which are cultural.

The place where I had been charging up, which was turned off last week, is now back on.

Don't worry excessively. There's tons of false anxieties. Focus on positives!

A bird went flying by with a ribbon or something attached to it. Looked funny!

A cooler, cloudier day. Feels great!

I think that the tropical weather has been tough on my body.

Jeje, now my body feels hurt in a different way from this weather. Stiff joints.

Continuing here in Guadeloupe for a while longer!

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)