Turnabouts in Guadeloupe!

Submitted by eagle on Thu, 05/14/2020 - 16:16

This morning, I failed to find a product I was looking for, there was a huge line at a place where I was going to ask about a service, and my carrying cart got hit by a truck. It's not even Monday!

Things continue to get back to normal here in Guadeloupe.

Never thought I'd write that! I don't think I even knew about this country until recently.

I'm starting to have departure thoughts. Not sure exactly when to go.

I like it here for the most part. It's comfortable, convenient, beautiful. Also has some annoyances, like anywhere.

Eagle Gamma in Guadeloupe

The whole notion of having towns and cities seems kind of funny, when you think of the humans who roamed around in small tribes for so many years. Now we take it for granted, but it depends on many advances in technology.

I think that people, some more than others, have a tendency to go with gut instincts. This can often help. However, it can be more effective to override these, with conscious decisions.

Often difficult to decide what to do!

Sometimes it takes blind action.

Keep on rolling!