Venezuela Dreaming

Submitted by eagle on Wed, 04/29/2020 - 16:36

Plants Growing in Point-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe

Another new week! Last one of the month!

Doing some work, experiencing the culture!

Things happen. DO anyways!

There are many stories in history that I hadn't known about, such as communist Cuba sending forces to fight the South African military in Angola.

Clouds bringing out some quiet!

Often feels too hot for my comfort in the Caribbean. I like warm weather, but somewhat more moderate than here, and way less humid.

Pizza paparazzi?

Nazi paparazzi?

Pizza Nazi paparazzi?

How's the pandemic going? I think we already past the date when I guessed things would resume, for the second time.

More noises again, but also some quiet spots.

Guyana and Suriname have larger map data than the islands I've been on. More there?

Yeah, Venezuela and those neighboring countries look huuuuge compared to these southeastern Caribbean islands! Hundreds of kilometers across instead of tens.

So many things that one can do. I guess it's up to each of us to decide and act on what we want to do!

Which takes balance, courage, self-knowledge, knowledge of others and the environment, and so much more!

Keep on going!!!!!

Continuing to work through the week!

I'm seeing a few more shops and stuff open up.

Carrying forth!

I'm getting excited to go on, to the South American parts of the Caribbean. Still considerable uncertainty in my route. And, of course, plans have a way of veering wildly. At least, my plans do.

I'll probably get another bike in Venezuela. Seems like it's a big enough country for that to be a practical requirement.

I'm thinking of going to Venezuela, but will do some more research nearer to going. I want to go, and I think it's safe enough, but we'll see.

So much to see and do!

Looking ahead!