Submitted by eagle on Sat, 04/04/2020 - 14:48

Ongoing frustrations. So many things not working, breaking, taking so long.

I guess do what one can.

Could one make a fabric and clothing out of mango fibers?

At least you get tons of experience and lessons along the way.

Tons more frustrations, but I guess it's part of the deal.

There are in general distractions. Go ahead anyways!

I'm getting quite frustrated at how so many things are failing. It seems so difficult to keep anything going here.

You can progress from distinguished to extinguished.

Things generally seem to go wrong, break, fail, etc., during complicated processes. Important to keep at it anyways!

Even as people scream or throw stuff at you, or whatever, just keep going! :)

It's been a long and difficult path to produce this video. Still tons more to do. Seems to strengthen the notion that the last small part can take a large portion of the effort.

A flower in Guadeloupe!