Guadeloupe Thoughts!

Submitted by eagle on Fri, 03/13/2020 - 14:30

Found another place to camp in a "wetlands" area, i.e. swamp. There are tons of these insects, which are smaller than mosquitoes, and more annoying, if that's possible.

Thankfully there's DEET, although even with that a few seem to find the uncovered areas.

Sitting in a park, charging up, some locals came and asked me what I was doing here. A short while later, they asked if I smoked, and offered me some drugs.

SDF: beggar. ("sans deux francs"???)

Camped in a forest instead of a wetland. Much better, insects-wise.

Woke up. Had breakfast of Coulommiers cheese (yum!!!!!!!), dark chocolate, cake, Suriname cherry juice, fresh local mango, tomato.

Now going to work on Eagle Eyes goggles. Goal: fix the text for printing.

The goggles, as with many things, are improving from exposing mistakes to other people's opinions.


After many months of trying, thinking, failing, I think I have the text decent enough for a first print run!

I like drafting 3D models, text, audio, and more.

I feel much better in quiet environments, although I understand that it's often important to work in noisy environments anyways. As I've already remarked on.

I often find that writing prompts make it easier for me to write. Whether a question, a topic, or even a sight or sound. It spurs ideas, emotions.

Such a pain to get things done here. Phone hotspot doesn't work, most wifi here only work on occasion, and slowly at that. Tons of noises.

Still, at least it's nice out!

My feelings about many small islands on the Caribbean! :)