St. John, US Virgin Islands!

Submitted by eagle on Thu, 02/20/2020 - 14:56

After walking to one side of this island, found a swampy place to camp.

In the night, I felt something on my head. Brushing it away, it looked like an animal. A lizard? Later, I felt something like teeth or claws on my hand. Again I brushed it away. Looking around, I could see a handful of small animals, rats I think. I found another camp spot.

Took a ferry to the third island in the US Virgin Islands, St. John. So far I think it's my favorite of these. It seems smaller, more charming. Still has the same overall feel to it as the other USVIs.

I find it difficult to get things done on these islands. They're understandably catering towards tourism, so they're not very practical. Often tough to find wifi, the food and lodgings are expensive, tons of distractions.

While I was lying on the beach, a Dominican woman who works here came up and said hi. She later asked if I smoke marijuana or crack!

Tons of challenges in traveling to new places, on top of the ongoing challenges. Have to adapt!

Slowly, while appreciating the ride, getting towards one's goals!

Rough night. After I'd fallen asleep, camping on the beach, someone woke me up and asked me to leave. Apparently they have private beaches here. Found another spot, off in the middle of nowhere, fell asleep, then was woken up again by a different person! Finally, third time's a charm. Tons of hill climbing, but managed to get some sleep!

St. John, US Virgin Islands!

Finding ferry info is always fun in the Caribbean. Contradictory schedules and prices, often out of date. Likewise, finding when a food place is open.

I'm now thinking that I'll probably leave USVI somewhat earlier than expected. It doesn't look like there's much more that I want to see on St. John. It's a pain to get anywhere, on the islands or among the islands, and everything is preposterously overpriced, as on many of these small Caribbean islands. They've basically turned these entire islands into Caribbean theme parks. It's OK for what it is, but I have tons of other activities that I want to do now.

The places are extremely beautiful. Every day I'm here I appreciate the beaches, the plants and animals, the food and music, and more. I do like being here, but I also want other activities which are impractical for me here, like more consistent work, and meeting more people who aren't on vacation or working in the tourism industry.

I'm aiming to get some more planning and work done this weekend, instead of walking over to the other side of the island. Then maybe I can catch a ferry this Sunday or something. I don't yet feel ready for the British Virgin Islands, my next stop. Still, I'm ready to move on.

The BVI looks from what I've researched so far like a comparable area to the USVI. They even use US dollars there. I think I'll find some novelty in it, plus the ongoing pleasure of being in the Caribbean. However, I think I'll also want to leave there after not too long. Maybe spend a week or two on some of those islands, then carry on to other islands.

The rest of the Caribbean strikes me as largely these smaller touristy islands. I'm looking forward to the French ones (like Martinique), and the other European-associated islands, for differences in culture. Not sure how European/American/Caribbean they are. I had thought that Dominica would be more Spanish, but the place names on the map are largely in English. I'm also looking forward to Trinidad & Tobago. If I remember correctly, then it has a sizable Indian population.