Thoughts in Dajabon, Republica Dominicana!

Submitted by eagle on Thu, 12/26/2019 - 10:18

Looks like the weather should be fine.

Ouanaminthe looks more spread out, shorter, compared to Dajabon.

Still scary to go to Haiti!

Looks like some rough neighborhoods in nearby Ouanaminthe.

"poul ak nwa" is a northern Haitian dish with cashew nuts ("nwa").

Haitian Voodoo looks somewhat interesting. Not sure whether I want to attend an event.

Il y'a beaucoup de regles de grammaire en haitien. Ca me parait qu'on doit l'ecouter et le parler pour les apprendre.

Ta: conditional.

A: and, at, in, of.

Looks like there are also some decent areas on the other side of the border.

Booked another night in this hotel room. Right after getting back into my room, the power went out!

The Caribbean has a complex shape.

I'm now looking at maps, planning, dreaming.

It looks like I'm at around the same latitude as various parts of Mexico that I like.

In looking at the map now, I can see various routes through the parts of the Caribbean that I've seen that may have been logistically easier than mine, but I'm not sure that they would have made for better travels overall.

Some of the scarier places I'm considering going include Haiti, Venezuela, Nicaragua.

I'm thinking of making a "variety pack" of Caribbean countries (Spanish, French, English, Dutch, etc.), including some in South America, before heading back to Central America.

Or, maybe leave the variety pack for later.

Some of my (complicated) considerations include: how easy it is to get places, how safe they are, how desirable they are for me to visit, whether going to a place makes it easy to get to the next place.

Looks like much of the Amazon lacks roads.

It's hard to see into the Amazon even from space!

Many of the remaining Caribbean islands seem small. Not much more than a town.

The white islands (English, American, Dutch, etc.) look boring to me. The black areas (Haiti) look dangerous to me. The Hispanic islands (Spanish, Portuguese) look just right!

29 km from Aruba to Venezuela. Tempting just to go to the mainland.

I'm still deliberating, but I'm now leaning more towards doing Venezuela and the "variety pack" coast, before returning to Mesoamerica.

Then maybe fly from French Guiana to Mexico.

Panama looks super modern.

After Potoprens (Port-au-Prince), the capital, looks like there aren't any sizable cities in Haiti.

My Haitian Creole is improving. I can now read more!

I think one could make a classic comedy movie about a freak winter storm hitting the Caribbean!