Making it to the Haitian-Dominican Border!

Submitted by eagle on Thu, 12/26/2019 - 10:11


Rough start. Felt out of shape. First long ride in a while. Some digestive troubles.

Didn't make it as far as I thought I would, but had a terrific ride!

Camped in a beautiful spot.

Next day, rode on.

Gorgeous scenery. I wouldn't have thought that the area leading up to the Haitian/Dominican border would be so scenic.

Tons of people out on the streets. Pleasant atmosphere, for the most part.

Getting nearer Dajabon, decided to walk the last part. It was such a gorgeous day, and I felt somewhat tired.

Walked into town. Somewhat different feel than I expected. Numerous Haitians on this side of the border.

After refreshing, walked down to the border. There's a market there, where Haitians sell their wares.

At the border, I walked onto the bridge. Overlooking a river, where Haitians washed their clothes in tubs.

Walked back to a quieter spot. Quite quiet.

After watching part of the sunset, decided to set up camp. I had made a reservation on Airbnb for my few days in Dajabon. However, the host had to cancel. I thought I'd camp outside the town, but since I was already there, and tired, I decided to camp by the border, despite my better judgment.

As I had finished setting up, some Dominican military came by. They asked for my ID, and searched my belongings.

They asked me numerous questions about my travels.

After a while, they said I'd have to go to the immigration office, explain myself.

They said that there were numerous Haitians at the immigration office.

After a while of talking with them as I put away my stuff, trying to find a way to avoid the immigration office, I figured out that they were after a bribe!

One of them half-jokingly asked for my bicycle. "I need it to travel," I said.

I gave them a thousand pesos (twenty US dollars), and asked how that was. They wanted another thousand (twenty).

My first bribe!

I walked away, rented a hotel room. Happily!