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Went back to the phone shop this morning. "Dimelo," ("What's up?") asked the vendor. "Is that phone in?" Nope. Going to the city soon, to pick it up.

Haiti seems to have busy cities.

The coast looks somewhat like other coastal areas.

Cap-Haitien seems somewhat touristy.

There's zip-lining, cruise ships, and at least one McLaren in Haiti, looking at Google Maps.

The people and streets looks somewhat comparable to the Haitian areas of Republica Dominicana. I thought they'd maybe be more different.

They even have the same red Daihatsu Deltas that I see all over RD!

They seem to have numerous vehicles, wide streets, etc.

Looks like Republica Dominicana but with more black people.

And international military personnel.

So far, Port-au-Prince (the capital) looks most interesting. Stacks of colorful houses.

People out on the streets. Seems peaceful enough.

There's a tent city on the map in Haiti!

Haiti seems like a small country. It's considerably smaller in area, and even more so in population and economy, compared to Republica Dominicana.

I'm figuring on around a month or two.

35 km from here to Dajabon, the Dominican border town.

66 km from there to Cap Haitien, a more sizable city.

That's probably two days' ride from the border, after a day's ride from here to the border.

Hm, not sure where to pause on the way to Cap Haitien. Doesn't look like much on the way. Maybe do a long ride?


Haiti is much drier than Republica Dominicana. Even looking at the satellite photography map, the Haitian side of the border is a different shade.

Mountainous central country.

Looks like Terrier-Rouge is around halfway from Dajabon/border to Cap Haitien/city.

Looking up hotels in the border town. First result: "Free Wi-Fi"! Hotel name: "Hotel Masacre".

Oh, it's on the Dominican side.

Hm, Chylton? Is that like a chill version of the Hilton?

Website in English, probably touristy. Which English-speaking tourists (other than me) are going to Haitian border towns?!?

Ah, wrong website.

Didn't think I'd be looking up Airbnb's in Haiti!

Looks like there aren't any in the Haitian border town.

There are a bunch in Cap Haitien.


Affordable, but more expensive than in RD. How do locals stay in Haiti?

Looks like they do have wifi! I wasn't sure whether wifi is common in Haiti.

Gonaives has some places.

Looks like the capital, Port-au-Prince, has more affordable places.

Look nice inside.

I feel like I'm starting to get to know the place!

May be more difficult to stay on the Haitian side of the border towns.

Maybe only stay a day or so, then head towards Cap Haitien.

Hotels seem way pricer than Airbnbs.

Reading Haitian news in French, seems like they're adding more electricity, while still having outages.

Watching news in Creole, seems like at least the main political areas are more developed than one may think.

Reading news in English, United Nations peacekeepers kept the peace so well that they have hundreds of offspring!

I want to learn more Creole grammar!

Ap, like apres. I'm talking. Estoy hablando.

Ou fèk pale.
You had spoken.

Rock On!