Ongoing Activities: Travel, Goggles!

Submitted by eagle on Mon, 12/16/2019 - 21:27

Oreo-style cookies on bread:Nutella::Crunchy peanut butter:Smooth peanut butter.

Went to bike shop. "No parece" ("We don't carry those parts.") Walked to various other places, still no parts.

Went shopping. My avocado women asked about me, as I hadn't shown up over the weekend. I'd thought of them, too.

Went to the phone shop. No phone. Maybe tomorrow.

It's hard to go shopping in the Caribbean. Often there isn't anything.

Last full week before heading for the border! Here we go, Haiti!

The weather's so fine, I feel like doing nothing.

Warm air, cool breeze.

Doing stuff anyways!

Went back to the bike shop. They had a fixer-upper bike that they offered. "How much?" I asked. "I don't know," mumbled the person. I asked the other worker, a mechanic. "Ask the guy inside," he said. After the runaround, it turned out that the owner wasn't there. Go back tomorrow.

I'm reading up somewhat on Haitian. The language is fun to read. I can make out a solid chunk of it on the basis of my half-forgotten French!

I don't know exactly why Haitian Creole makes me laugh. It's like reading a funny way of writing French, but when you pronounce it you figure out the word, often with an African accent!

For example: "jiskaprezan". "Just ce qu'a present". "Up to now."

I'd say I can make out about 70-80% of text that I read.

Feels different in a different week, after rest!

Our brains get to know ourselves.

Just found a fix for a problem I was having with the goggles. Thanks to advice from other people, and continuing to work!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!