Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles: Preparing to Print!

Submitted by eagle on Fri, 12/06/2019 - 20:38

The goggles are coming along!

I'm continuing to revise, now in preparation for a first print run!

Tons of distractions.

I want to wear these!!!!!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!

It's hard work to make or improve a 3D design.

The tools are extremely powerful.

Yet, figuring out how to use them to accomplish your visions can be difficult.

Which makes it more rewarding when you do figure out improvements!

"This is tough as f*ck, but I can do it!"

My thoughts on dealing with the nose/beak.

You have to develop methods to deal with individual challenges.

It often takes sacrifices to get to one's goals.

It's slowly taking shape.

Quite nitpicky. Not my favorite/best type of work. But important!

The tools are there. It's a matter of how to use them!

Still struggling. I'm going to restart tomorrow using a different method, incorporating many of the lessons from these struggles.

(Er, maybe I'll restart next week!)

Often it takes numerous tries to get through tough parts!

I'm happy to see the goggles coming along!

I think I'm going to take at least another week to refine the model, so that it's ready for the first print run.

So many things to learn. This production of a print 3D object is far different than what I've done before. So far, I've done a fair amount of modeling, for 3D graphics that remain on computer screens, or in VR goggles. Now, going into the material environment, introduces questions such as materials, shipping, production techniques! Exciting!

After the first run, I plan to refine it further. I think that it's important to incorporate lessons from failures, or maybe a better way of saying that is to build on partial successes.

I'm optimistic!

If this works out well, I'm tempted to take on more 3D print projects. However, I think I'll lean more towards continuing to develop these goggles instead of starting more projects. It's something that I can use a ton. Other people may also benefit. As much as I like starting new projects, I think that one can make better products by focusing on one.

I'm also learning more about the importance of working with bigger systems, other people. I've often preferred working on my own. For these goggles, I can see how it requires so many people, technologies, etc., that it's quite important to collaborate!

This is a passion project for me. Yet, I also want to make it into something bigger & better!