Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles: Another Session!

Submitted by eagle on Wed, 11/27/2019 - 20:49

Now working on the goggles again!

I'm aiming to make the appropriate frame shape. Then, print!

I think it's now starting to look somewhat more aquiline!

I make some edits by hand, others by calculation. Each has its advantages. Working with concrete numbers enables one to reach exact locations, and makes it easier to adjust or reproduce results. Working manually enables one to reach outcomes that look or feel appropriate, and to work more flexibly.

I now feel like I can modify this design as I desire.

When first working on it, I felt like I had to think through each maneuver beforehand. Now I have more freedom!

I've often been reluctant to throw away work. However, one benefits from doing the work itself, such that it's often easy enough to regain the lost work, plus a fresh start.

In this case, the manual adjustments gave me some sense of how I want the shape. However, I messed up in a choice I made to switch editing from one source side to the other. As a result, I have to redo these steps. I'm going to use numbers, so that I have a repeatable process. It's ok to make mistakes. That's part of how we learn.

Many difficulties along the road!

The model now feels real, physical, to me.

Like I can hold it in my hands, wear it on my face.

I'm having difficulty getting the frame to curve around the face in a way that I want. Also, I'm getting to like the flat look. Considering just leaving it flat, at least for the first run.

I kind of like this version. I'm tempted to leave the geometry/shape. That would leave only working to fix other aspects of the model.

Looking at the model with a photo of my face underlaid, the goggles look phallic. Not sure that I want to wear these!

Maybe it looks different in person. :)


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!

Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!