More Thoughts from Monte Cristi!

Submitted by eagle on Tue, 11/26/2019 - 21:08

I look forward to continuing to work on my projects: work, travel, hobbies, relationships!

(Not necessarily in that order.)

There's so much more available time when you're staying in one spot instead of traveling!

Maturity, balance, persistence, work!

Work >>> worry.

I have approximately a three-week window when I'm considering leaving Republica Dominicana. December 7 - December 31. Probably aim for the middle, December 14 - December 21.

We should train ourselves towards positive action & attitude as we surf the waves of life!

By the way, it feels great to check off items in a checklist!!!

Whoever invented DEET should have like a million dollars. Probably does.

Monte Cristi, Republica Dominicana

Here there are numerous boys, I think Haitians, who walk around with wooden boxes. At first I thought they were handcrafted lunch boxes. It turns out that they are shoeshine boys. It's funny when they offer to shine my shoes, because my present pair look like dress shoes but are actually made out of a flexible rubber, more like sports shoes!

It's remarkable how modern Republica Dominicana can be in some ways. Sitting here on wifi, I feel like I'm in the continental US.

I'm thinking of waiting on Venezuela for the situation to become calmer.

Idea: chocolate milk cheese.

Lately, I've been waking up in the middle of the night. Instead of complaining, I've been using the occasions to think, write, etc. It's quite convenient! And I've still been getting enough sleep and waking up again at a normal time.

This is another gorgeous area. Expansive desert, sea, bizarre rock shapes, beautiful sun, clouds, etc. I want to take so many pictures, but still lack a phone/camera. Also, many are hard to appreciate without the 360 view, breeze, aromas, etc.

So many ways forward!

Another sunny day!

People can be very short-term creatures.

Within a conversation, maybe even within a sentence, people can switch between "tu" and "usted" (informal or formal "you").

Within a short period, as the weather shifts, different types of people come or go.

Loud motorcycles, music, etc.

So much to see!

Another week!

Bright & sunny!

I feel like I'm getting to know the locals, and they're getting to know me!

Bike's breakng down. I plan to fix up the bike, probably into better condition than it was in when I got it, before I leave.

I'm doing a number of chores, basically reloading for the next stage, while in town, before going to Haiti.

It feels refreshing to have a chance to fix or replace so many parts!

I have difficulty keeping the weight of my possessions down. While traveling by bicycle, every ounce counts.

Still unsure exactly when I'll go. There's a three-week window, from December 7 to the end of the month.

Keep at it!