More Thinking in Monte Cristi

Submitted by eagle on Thu, 11/21/2019 - 21:22

Last night, went for a walk. Found an enclosed area right before it started to rain!

Far fewer dogs, motorcycles, insects here. Plus, nice views!

Next, going in to do some more work!

The edges of town have more padding away from the busy center. I've been thinking of my stay in Monte Cristi as a short residence in town. Already I'm heading to the quieter edges of town!

Instead of waiting for just the right moment -- create just the right moment!

A delivery truck for a Dominican snack, Hojuelitas, keeps parking on the street in front of where I work. I think the driver may be stopping at the banca next door to buy/check lottery tickets. The truck is decorated with local slang, only some of which I understand. Including: en pila, aplatanao, papaupa, como tu 'ta?, que chulo esto e'e!

Investigative epidemiology in Republica Dominicana: The people seem to yell often. With all those loud motorcycles, dogs, and music, they may have hearing loss. The people pronounce Spanish without many of the letter "s". With all that sugar in coffee, bread, and other foods, they may have tooth decay.

DEET works WAAAAY better than the alternatives!

A heavier rainfall.

Wet weather makes me feel a thousand times heavier.

On the topic of aging, I feel that the older I get, the more in touch I become with who I am, my interests, etc.

Increasingly, I notice & choose my projects such that they fit in with my expected activities over the long term. For example, I blog about my travels, which I expect to continue (traveling) for years. I have freelance writing work, which fits with my expectation to need work that I can take on the road for years. I am developing goggles, which I expect to need for years. Seems more efficient to work on something that can last than to expend the same effort on something of shorter duration utility.

I've always been self-aware, self-conscious, etc. However, now I feel like I've had the chance to develop into much more of the person I want to become, my ideal self. Before, I felt like much of my self-awareness was theoretical, concerning who I wanted to be as an unreached ideal. Of course, there's ever room for improvement!