More Thoughts in Republica Dominicana!

Submitted by eagle on Tue, 11/19/2019 - 21:12

For various reasons, I've had no cash for the week. So far I've been getting by through a mix of what people give me (food, cash), and what I find (fruits, vegetables). Fun!

Looks like there's still a fair bit of Republica Dominica to discover in the southwest. May not be nearly as developed/populated as the other parts, which is fine by me. After Haiti I may be looking for some quiet.

I consider it important, for me anyways, to lead a busy calendar. It prods one to do more interesting things, to have fewer regrets. I handle regrets poorly. Better to do tons of things!

There are tons of mistakes along the way. You adapt. Not to excuse sloppiness. But some mess or waste is part of any process.

It's funny that to me now being in a town seems like a bizarre challenge, while being out between towns seems normal. Normally it's the opposite!

Having some beautiful days in Republica Dominicana.

Some tough parts, some easy parts, but overall with numerous learning opportunities!