Preferences, weather, & more in Republica Dominicana

Submitted by eagle on Mon, 11/11/2019 - 16:07

Monte Cristi strikes me as a quite typical Dominican town. The area around town has beautiful geography. The town itself has a standard set of shops.

Monte Cristi, Republica Dominicana

It's annoying to have so many things break. It's annoying to have so many noises. However, it's important to keep going in spite of the annoyances.

I think that Meso America is way more exciting to me than northeastern South America.

At the least, I do aim to go to the Haitian side of the border town where I'm going.

After that, I think I'll look at a few of the main cities, and some samples of the countryside.

I think I'll find a few things to like, but I'm not expecting to like the country overall as much as RD.

Each country has its appeals. I've been wrong in my predictions in the past.

"Compramos hierro viejo compramos bateria compramos oro compramos!"

The announcement blasting from the trucks in most towns throughout Republica Dominicana.

After a rainstorm last night, went for a walk this morning. Decided to try the hotel restaurant that I've seen a few times. On the breakfast menu, they had chivo (goat), so I tried that. That's the second place I've tried it in this town. I'd seen it advertised a number of times throughout the country, but up to here the places have been out of stock, or closed. This place was more flavorful but less tender than the previous place. This place also has it in a wine sauce, or fried, so maybe I'll return to try some more.

Much as the rain in the tropics can annoy me, it does produce mangoes and rice (not together!) and other delicious foods. Also, the rain is often warm, and it usually becomes sunny and warm and dry soon afterwards.

I like how in RD it's often hot during the day, so that after a pleasant morning and before a pleasant evening you can avoid the sun indoors, getting some work done.

Carrying on!