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Eaglism is a new code system. It is originally created by Eagle. The system aims to provide and enhance human goodness. The main message is love!!! :)


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The joy philosophy[edit]

Eaglism generally advocates for joy! Love!

Specific codes include:


  • Wake up before 8 am
    • This seems tough for my body, mind, and lifestyle.
    • Give it a bit more, then redecide.
  • Read less than an hour on writing days.
    • Seems helpful!
  • And...!
  • Present self professionally.

For Simple Summary:

  • Xstreamly
    • X
  • -
  • Possibly change "Appreciation" to "Growth" or "Sensitivity"
    • Or add new ones!
  • --
  • Openheartfully! :)
  • CP! :)

Simple summary[edit]

The following daily codes summarize the system of Eaglism:


Specific values that guide the creation and pursuit of Eaglism codes include:


Rock & Roll!

Eaglism is all about riding -- could be a bicycle or a bus or an airplane or whatever, just glide!

Rock & roll is lusty good music, and electronica is spacey, and the rest touches on other aspects or elements of being a really with it Eagle.

Burritos and tacos and associated foods taste outrageously good and are uproariously healthy.

Experiencing new places makes for fun interesting ways to change your mind.

And a thrillion other things make for the good life.

That's the moral code of Eaglism.