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Eaglism is a new code system. It is originally created by Eagle. The system aims to provide and enhance human goodness. The main message is love!!! :)


Welcome to the world of Eaglism!
Codes of Eaglism (most recently edited)Goals
Leave MiamiSuccess
Enjoy Miami
Eagle should leave Miami by MaySuccess
Go cool places
Meet cool people
Have adventures!
Have fun
See more of America
Communicate more science and technology
Avoid hurricane season
Eat new foods
Enjoy life!
Live gratefullySuccess
Appreciate gifts
Improve yourself
Improve society
Improve the world
Promote health
Thank people
Hungry people should eat peanut butter sandwiches!Success
Fulfill basic nutritional requirements
Fill stomachs
Enjoy life and gain energy
Fulfill appetites
Eagle should wrap up his super-cool projects!Success
Live a full and balanced life
Life a wonderful life
Eagle should build wonderful things materially!Success
Enjoy life!
Enjoy work
Make awesome people!
Practice self-controlSuccess
Accomplish goals
Love universallyEnjoy life!
Overcome suffering
Have fun
Realize your dreams!
Do what you want
Get what you want
Live lovinglySuccess
Enjoy life!
What should Eagle do professionally after Astrotripping?Make money
Enjoy work
Enjoy life!
Make good use of his bountiful talents
Eagle should go to Memphis on a rock'n'roll route!Success
Get to Memphis
Have fun
Have adventures!
What kind of diet should you eat?Success
Live harmoniously with nature
Live magically!Success
Enjoy life!
Share the good times
Accomplish goals
Roll with the flow
You should eat an omnivorous, balanced diet, including sufficiently plentiful nutrients, in order to achieve a successfully full and balanced life, while living harmoniously with nature, according to Eaglism.Success
Live a full and balanced life
Live harmoniously with nature
Realize your dreams!Success
Enjoy life!
Have adventures!
Create values
Fulfill values
Learn better dreams
Love jealous people according to EaglismSuccess
Accomplish goals
Be responsible
Create more good times
Enjoy life!
Make awesome people!Success
Improve society
Improve the world
Improve yourself
Do what you want anyways!Success
Accomplish goals
Lead a meaningful life
Respect harmful peopleSuccess
Improve society
Help other people
Reduce harm
Enjoy life!
Work hard, play harder!Success
Have fun
Be responsible
Realize your dreams!
Go with what you've got!Success
Get farther
What should Eagle do next?Success
Live a full and balanced life
You should love!Success
Let other people feel loved
Make the world a better place
Improve yourself
Eagle should create cool improvements generally in order to spread joy according to EagleSpread joy
Gain insight
Find new ways
Edit CodeWOWSuccess
Have fun
Eat spaghettiEnjoy life and gain energy
Thank you for sharing Eaglism!

The joy philosophy[edit]

Eaglism generally advocates for joy! Love!

Specific codes include:


  • Wake up before 8 am
    • This seems tough for my body, mind, and lifestyle.
    • Give it a bit more, then redecide.
  • Read less than an hour on writing days.
    • Seems helpful!
  • And...!
  • Present self professionally.

For Simple Summary:

  • Xstreamly
    • X
  • -
  • Possibly change "Appreciation" to "Growth" or "Sensitivity"
    • Or add new ones!
  • --
  • Openheartfully! :)
  • CP! :)

Simple summary[edit]

The following daily codes summarize the system of Eaglism:


Specific values that guide the creation and pursuit of Eaglism codes include:


Rock & Roll!

Eaglism is all about riding -- could be a bicycle or a bus or an airplane or whatever, just glide!

Rock & roll is lusty good music, and electronica is spacey, and the rest touches on other aspects or elements of being a really with it Eagle.

Burritos and tacos and associated foods taste outrageously good and are uproariously healthy.

Experiencing new places makes for fun interesting ways to change your mind.

And a thrillion other things make for the good life.

That's the moral code of Eaglism.