New CodeWOW contents!

OK, just added a bunch of new material to CodeWOW! Now there is some more infrastructural information, as well as some basic code data.
I'm starting with small, simple additions. This phase demonstrates the idea, as well as serving as an actually usable codeset.
More coming soon, and of course feel free to add your own!!!


Building up. Now adding additional content to Worlds O Wisdom.
It's an adventure just to build this adventure management system!
Here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, amid some travels around the state.
So much more to write, it will take some time!
Also, many administrative tasks to do.
I look forward to continuing to grow and improve with Worlds O Wisdom!

Hello Worlds!

This is the beginning of Worlds O Wisdom!
Today, Day One, marks the start of an era. After a lengthy gestation period, this new project presents a modern informational philosophy. Will it fizzle or explode? We'll find out.
While I'm sure there were a lot of background inspirations and thoughts and experiences that went into WOW, I started consciously considering it over the last year or so. Traveling around different places by bicycle, I realized even more than ever the importance of answering the question "What to do next?" -- for me and for other people.
I don't know whether it's even possible to give really good answers to these questions, given the great uncertainties in life. Yet, it seems from evidence and reason that we can improve our lives, through thoughtful efforts. Overall, this seems like a worthwhile avenue of inquiry.
What should one do? Even if we can't provide a complete solution, we can at least start coming up with modern, useful solutions with our most practical options.
Let's go!!!



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