Let's Go for a Ride

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The vehicle glistened in the sun. A bit of new paint could help. But still.

The engine revved. Time to roll!

Max had made the life decision to drive his rusty old bus. He would set out, and then go where the winds blew. Wandering-like.

Shifting into reverse, he pulled out of the driveway. Then, lurching forward, Max drove off into the sunset.

A late start. Ah well. Better late than never, right? So he wouldn't get more than a few miles out of town on the first day. So much the better to figure out how he would sleep in the beast of a bus.

The Beast. Why not? There. Now he had a name for the vehicle. "Henceforth, ye shall be known as the Beaste," he said to the bus, giving it the kind of personification that comes naturally to those dependent on an inanimate object.

Vrroom, the Beast replied metaphorically.

Max and the Beast drove off together, winding a new way through to the outskirts of town. Then, on the old highway, they veered out into the wilderness, the Unknown.

"Here we shall find our fortune, my friend," Max said to the Beast.

The Beast purred in acquiescence.

Traffic gently gave way to the serene countryside setting. Wafts of woodsmoke drifted through the environs. Birds sang.

A hitchhiker stood by the side of the road.


Let's Go for a Ride: a collaborative adventure