When should Eagle leave Miami?

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Question: When should Eagle leave Miami?
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When should Eagle leave Miami?

When should Eagle leave Miami? It's a tremendously enjoyable city, and Eagle still has work to do here. Nonetheless, at some point, Eagle does still want to see the northeastern USA! :)

Options include:

  • Mid-April
    • Now on April 20 (420!), a bit late.
    • New options include late April instead.
  • Turn of the month.
  • May or later.
    • Too late and it makes it less feasible to go up and down New England.
    • At least allow a bit more time to wrap up and prepare.
  • Stay at least a full year here in Miami.
    • Would have more time to do writing and so forth.
    • Would not get around to important travel activities.
      • Meeting people.
      • Going places.
      • Science and technology communications.
  • Never! Stay in Miami! :)
    • Well, it is a lovely city! :)

Some thoughts by Eagle on April 20, 2016

Currently I feel like I'll probably go in a week or two. Still have LOTS of stuff I want to do here, and I love Miami. However, I also still very much want to get up and around some of the more northeastern parts of the country this year. It's tempting to stay, but it's a temptation I think I should refuse, in favor of having an awesome summer adventure, with great opportunities ahead! :)

Some thought by Eagle on April 21, 2016

Still incredibly difficult to decide. I really love it here, although I also really want to go forth. What to do?! :)

A few more thoughts by Eagle on April 22, 2016

A good dilemma but a difficult one. Either way I'm sure will be great. I'm now leaning towards going in a week or so, although still open. Who knows? Maybe it'll be a last-minute decision! Anyways, what a tough location to leave! :)

Decision & Action! :)

Eagle left Miami at the threshold, the turn of May into June. Rock & Roll!!!!!!!! :)