Burrito @ Luz del Mes! :)

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Eagle Gamma on Luz Del Mes Spotlight Interview

Q 2. What or who inspired you to write “El burrito que queria volar”?
A 2. My coauthor Avril Olachea. She proposed that we create a story together, and she suggested the initial idea of a burrito who wants to fly. And she inspired me more generally!

Q 3. Do you come up with your title before or after you write the manuscript?
A 3. It depends on the work. For the burrito, I came up with a working title before writing the draft, although Avril insistently refused to accept my apparently made-up word as part of the Spanish language. After we went back and forth many times, we came up with a new title. Likewise, for other books the title often grows out of different attitudes.

Q 4. Why do you prefer to write Children Books in Spanish ?
A 4 First and foremost, I feel that Spanish more naturally communicates children's tales. The language is beautiful, poetic, and lends itself to magical realism of the sort that children enjoy. Beyond that, I enjoy the chance to learn more Spanish that way, and to practice for when I spend time in Spanish-speaking places...

Rocanrol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

When should Eagle leave Miami @ CodeWOW! :)

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Update to this question... I'm still wondering when or whether to go. All of your thoughts are very welcome!!! :)

Currently I feel like I'll probably go in a week or two. Still have LOTS of stuff I want to do here, and I love Miami. However, I also still very much want to get up and around some of the more northeastern parts of the country this year. It's tempting to stay, but it's a temptation I think I should refuse, in favor of having an awesome summer adventure, with great opportunities ahead! :)

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Live gratefully! :)

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Live gratefully @ CodeWOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Live gratefully! :)
Yeah, things don't always go your way. However, you get to live an amazing life, and a lot of it is thanks to other people. In spite of the challenges, focus on the good things, and express thanks! :)
Also, gratitude improves health, and improves society, and has many other positive effects! :)

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)