Some More Thoughts

Submitted by eagle on Tue, 12/03/2019 - 21:07

I think soda makes my teeth and digestion feel worse than other beverages, even including sugary and caffeinated beverages like coffee or energy drinks.

It seems to get loud in the afternoon. I guess that's when the noisy people wake up.

I feel like I've been getting considerably more done on a daily basis while staying in one spot than while traveling. I think that's a common occurrence. I hope that I can keep a solid schedule next time I'm back on the road!

Republica Dominicana (and I think other Latin countries) have a common cookie that's like an Oreo, only it tastes better and costs less. I've been eating them like crazy, plus putting them in my cereal (a tasty combination). Yesterday I also put rum raisin ice cream in my cereal!

Often while traveling, due to variations in my personal circumstances and the social circumstances, I wind up having considerably less or more money than the people near me, feeling either rich or poor but not average. I guess that goes along with doing non-average activities.

So many beautiful places on this Earth!

Wherever I go, I often find places that make me want to stay there, at least for a while.

I often decide to go on not long after. I think it's important to take in beauty on the go.

Appreciating beauty as an attitude, rather than an activity like going to the museum.

I feel like I have had numerous struggles, yet also numerous achievements.

Work can pay dividends!


A Romeo Santos Weekend

Submitted by eagle on Mon, 12/02/2019 - 19:04

Another rainy night.

After Monte Cristi, I'm planning to spend more nights indoors, fewer nights camping.

Now, work!

What a weekend!

Went to see Romeo Santos, who had a concert here. Seems that he's touring small towns in Republica Dominicana. Great minds think alike!

Here's to a new month, and in the Eagle Gamma calendar, a new quarter!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles: Version 0.8!

Submitted by eagle on Thu, 11/28/2019 - 22:03

Another day in Monte Cristi!

Doing some more work!

I'm going through changes. As I stay in one place, I'm working on myself, traveling in other ways.

I'm getting set to work on the goggles again!

This may be my last chance to edit the goggles this month!

It can be difficult to get going on a project.

I want to make these goggles so that I have a design that fits my face.

I hope also the faces of others.

They look solid to me!

I want to expand the strap holders.

That's functionality.

The style, there are a few areas that I want to edit. However, I may leave those for future iterations.

I find it hard to find a productive working environment.

Often, the places with resources (wifi, AC, water, etc.) are busy, loud places.

To a certain extent, one has to work anyways, regardless of the environment.

However, I think that some environments are so "dirty" that one loses instead of gains by working in them.

After a while of fighting, I found a way that I think works to angle back the frame!

Introduces some more tough stuff, but I think I like this!

After a bunch more work, I now have a larger holder!


Here's another draft, let's call it version 0.8!

This has the basic features that I wanted. Still presumably numerous adjustments before finishing.

Some imagery!



Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!

Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles: Another Session!

Submitted by eagle on Wed, 11/27/2019 - 20:49

Now working on the goggles again!

I'm aiming to make the appropriate frame shape. Then, print!

I think it's now starting to look somewhat more aquiline!

I make some edits by hand, others by calculation. Each has its advantages. Working with concrete numbers enables one to reach exact locations, and makes it easier to adjust or reproduce results. Working manually enables one to reach outcomes that look or feel appropriate, and to work more flexibly.

I now feel like I can modify this design as I desire.

When first working on it, I felt like I had to think through each maneuver beforehand. Now I have more freedom!

I've often been reluctant to throw away work. However, one benefits from doing the work itself, such that it's often easy enough to regain the lost work, plus a fresh start.

In this case, the manual adjustments gave me some sense of how I want the shape. However, I messed up in a choice I made to switch editing from one source side to the other. As a result, I have to redo these steps. I'm going to use numbers, so that I have a repeatable process. It's ok to make mistakes. That's part of how we learn.

Many difficulties along the road!

The model now feels real, physical, to me.

Like I can hold it in my hands, wear it on my face.

I'm having difficulty getting the frame to curve around the face in a way that I want. Also, I'm getting to like the flat look. Considering just leaving it flat, at least for the first run.

I kind of like this version. I'm tempted to leave the geometry/shape. That would leave only working to fix other aspects of the model.

Looking at the model with a photo of my face underlaid, the goggles look phallic. Not sure that I want to wear these!

Maybe it looks different in person. :)


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!

Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!

More Headway in Monte Cristi!

Submitted by eagle on Wed, 11/27/2019 - 20:47

It looks like the 150 days would end on December 28, so maybe Friday December 27 would be my last available date for leaving Republica Dominicana.

As we practice, we improve!

Plausibull (n.): Fakery that makes sense.

Step by step!

Continuing to work, here in Monte Cristi, Republica Dominicana!

It's so convenient to have a consistent place to work, stay, etc. I'm considering spending much longer in one place, then carrying on!

We continue to make minor adjustments. Occasionally, we reach breakthroughs, making more major adjustments!

Another loud day full of mistakes!

Plans often go awry. It's important to have alternative plans.

Our understandings are limited.

So, let's make do as best we can.

Keep at it!

Eagle Gamma - November 27, 2019!

More Thoughts from Monte Cristi!

Submitted by eagle on Tue, 11/26/2019 - 21:08

I look forward to continuing to work on my projects: work, travel, hobbies, relationships!

(Not necessarily in that order.)

There's so much more available time when you're staying in one spot instead of traveling!

Maturity, balance, persistence, work!

Work >>> worry.

I have approximately a three-week window when I'm considering leaving Republica Dominicana. December 7 - December 31. Probably aim for the middle, December 14 - December 21.

We should train ourselves towards positive action & attitude as we surf the waves of life!

By the way, it feels great to check off items in a checklist!!!

Whoever invented DEET should have like a million dollars. Probably does.

Monte Cristi, Republica Dominicana

Here there are numerous boys, I think Haitians, who walk around with wooden boxes. At first I thought they were handcrafted lunch boxes. It turns out that they are shoeshine boys. It's funny when they offer to shine my shoes, because my present pair look like dress shoes but are actually made out of a flexible rubber, more like sports shoes!

It's remarkable how modern Republica Dominicana can be in some ways. Sitting here on wifi, I feel like I'm in the continental US.

I'm thinking of waiting on Venezuela for the situation to become calmer.

Idea: chocolate milk cheese.

Lately, I've been waking up in the middle of the night. Instead of complaining, I've been using the occasions to think, write, etc. It's quite convenient! And I've still been getting enough sleep and waking up again at a normal time.

This is another gorgeous area. Expansive desert, sea, bizarre rock shapes, beautiful sun, clouds, etc. I want to take so many pictures, but still lack a phone/camera. Also, many are hard to appreciate without the 360 view, breeze, aromas, etc.

So many ways forward!

Another sunny day!

People can be very short-term creatures.

Within a conversation, maybe even within a sentence, people can switch between "tu" and "usted" (informal or formal "you").

Within a short period, as the weather shifts, different types of people come or go.

Loud motorcycles, music, etc.

So much to see!

Another week!

Bright & sunny!

I feel like I'm getting to know the locals, and they're getting to know me!

Bike's breakng down. I plan to fix up the bike, probably into better condition than it was in when I got it, before I leave.

I'm doing a number of chores, basically reloading for the next stage, while in town, before going to Haiti.

It feels refreshing to have a chance to fix or replace so many parts!

I have difficulty keeping the weight of my possessions down. While traveling by bicycle, every ounce counts.

Still unsure exactly when I'll go. There's a three-week window, from December 7 to the end of the month.

Keep at it!

Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles: Another Session!

Submitted by eagle on Tue, 11/26/2019 - 21:04

Now working on the goggles on a different computer. Even the previous things directly copied over look quite different!

Looking at the goggles on a far larger monitor, my first reaction is somewhat surprised that I made that at all, let alone on such a small monitor.

I think the design looks somewhat clunky. I still want to wear a pair. I view this first iteration, and probably at least a few more if I continue with this project, as practice.

It looks interesting, different than other glasses or goggles on the market.

This computer is waaaay faster than the previous one.

The model actually looks (to me, anyways) like a pair of goggles.

There's a learning curve to adjust to different keyboard layouts, etc.

Now working out a method to angle back the outer edges of the frames. Instead of the frames running perpendicular to one's vision, having the frames curve around the face.

Feels solid to get back into the game!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!

Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles: Version 0.7!

Submitted by eagle on Fri, 11/22/2019 - 17:53

Last session on the goggles for the week.

"I'm ok with this!"

My thoughts on how the goggles are turning out, on seeing my previous model.

I'm now wrapping up the overall shape of the frames.

I'm leaving next week for catching and fixing any problems that I notice after this. Then, in the first week of December I plan to start the process of printing!

I'm a somewhat obsessive planner, analyst, etc., in conducting my projects. It's a funny contradiction/contrast of mine. In some matters I'm very spontaneous, messy, casual, while in others I'm OCD. I think it depends on how much I care about the activity. For example, I get quite detail-oriented for work, passion projects, relationships. I get quite haphazard for everyday activities, etc. I guess maybe I'm more on the obsessive side?

I'm getting to know deeply, to "grok" the goggles!

Much of this refinement process involves smoothing out rough edges.

As in general, for example in editing a text one removes the sharper phrases that don't read smoothly.

"Woah, cool! I made that?!"

My thoughts on seeing the draft of the model after the first three weeks.

Looks like the lower part of the frame now will likely rest on the middle of the nose. I think that this is a sensitive sinus area. As such, I want to modify this next week, so that it rests instead on more angular parts of the nose.

I also want to fix/improve the mirroring process. It now looks somewhat uneven, for example around the lower nose joins.

Numerous issues only show up after you draft. For this reason, I think it's important to allow leeway.

I look forward to wearing these!!!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!

Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!


Submitted by eagle on Fri, 11/22/2019 - 16:53

I'm now more patient.

After the bank process went through, feeling more normal again. Bought groceries. Withdrew cash.

In Latin societies, I feel more personable. People greet me, I greet people. Interactions are more often friendly. Less often confrontational, as I feel North American societies can be. As a result (of this and other factors such as preferable weather), I often feel happier in Latin countries.

I'm seriously liking my adopted town of Monte Cristi, and even having an adopted town!

My week without cash has taught me much. First of all, in terms of obviousness, cash is extremely useful.

Also, people are often supportive. If you ever find yourself in a crush, it's probably best to get out and talk. Most people do not want someone suffering in their community. People will most likely provide the necessities.

Also, I like Caribbean food!

I commit more than before to working responsibly, taking care of logistics, and ensuring that I contribute whenwhere I can!

Looks like the worst of the storms are over for now, metaphorically & literally!