Trial & Error!

Submitted by eagle on Wed, 09/16/2020 - 16:27

Water's off again!

Is it going off every other night? That'd be weird. There was a huge rain storm yesterday, and rain storms most other days. It's still raining now! Maybe it's just a poor service? Maybe I'll start collecting rainwater! :)


Bit of a health scare yesterday. After not eating much but largely getting by on coffee and sugar for around a day, while waiting for the storm to pass so that I could go shopping, felt some pain and weakness in my left arm and chest. I think a mix of low nutrients, high caffeine, the effects of the weather system, and my already somewhat tense veins, plus applying weight disproportionately on that side for an extended period while working.

You know you've drunk enough caffeine when the mosquitoes seem slow.

I've been feeling better on and off as the weather has improved somewhat. Also, I tried drinking some more coffee and tea, and didn't feel worse; if anything, I felt better. So I think it's just my body's reaction to the cloudy, rainy, stormy weather.

(Since then the problem's largely gone away with the weather, I think it's my body's response to this storm weather.)

After months (I think) of rework, finally ordered the next round (second ever) of Eagle Eyes Goggles!!!!!

Looking forward to seeing what they're like! :)


Seems like the water is indeed on only every other day.

I like to see each task or activity that we do as a package containing challenge and pleasure and reward.


I tried cooking up some of the root vegetables and fishes that I purchased recently. One of the roots, which I think is called ñame, tastes delicious (if somewhat plain). I think I've had it at a few Caribbean eateries, and not liked it that much because it was dry and bland. I made it in a spicy soup, which seems to work way better for my tastes. I also used a local root, whose name I forgot. So far tastes not as appealing to me, but I'll try some more. Some root vegetables can be mildly toxic, not sure about any of the ones I used. Feeling decent for now anyways! :)

Wrong again! Water's back on, same day.

(Since then the water's remained largely on.)


Roots and fish soup with hot peppers, onions, garlic, salt & pepper, allspice (? - bois d'inde - yes, allspice), tasty!


After eating some more of the local root, I like it somewhat more. I still think it has a somewhat unpleasant aftertaste.


Looks like the Coronavirus is still going strong! Wouldn't even be allowed into the US if I wanted to go now, if I'm reading things right.


Maybe I'm stuck here for a while? Sounds fine!


Seems like a weird situation, with some advantages. Stuck in the French Caribbean! :)


I can still go to the Democratic Republic of the Congo!


It's kind of crazy. We live in a time when we have machines that work millions of times better than our biological brains and bodies evolved to be able to work, but we still complain! :)


So it looks like "ñame" is actually the same as yam. I already knew yams, but they use way different varieties or species here. Apparently it's unsafe raw, but usually safe cooked.


My reaction to reading about Japanese food: "ew, weird."

My reaction to reading about Indian food: "mm, yum!"


I'm feeling better overall than I was around a year ago, I think.


Traveling's difficult, as the etymology (as in "travails") indicates. Still, it frees you up. Also provides plenty of opportunities to grow socially, culturally, physiologically, psychologically.


As much as I like some places, after a while I feel like I've seen enough. Then there's more reward in trying different places.

After seeing much of the Caribbean, I'm also somewhat exhausted again, but this time in much stronger condition as far as logistics. Instead of having a beach bum break, I'm having a work camp break!


Pro Tip: There's no hangover if you drink in the morning! :)


I'm becoming much more of a sour-taste person. I used to avoid many sour foods, except as a brief refresher. Now I'm becoming far more of a sour fanatic. I think it started or increased with the vinaigrettes that are common in the Caribbean. Also, I think that it's extremely refreshing in this hot, humid climate. Now I'm even drinking straight vinegar! :)


Does anyone make deep-fried whole potatoes? I'm not sure if they'd cook all the way through, but if chicken does then wouldn't a whole potato? I'd like to try a deep-fried whole potato.


Go on!

Capesterre Belle Eau, Guadeloupe!

Submitted by eagle on Sun, 08/30/2020 - 18:06

I'm covered in war wounds!

You really get to know yourself, inside and out, while going through challenges.

Keep going!

Eagle Gamma @ Capesterre Belle Eau !

Feeling much better after another night's sleep!

Continuing to heal.

The losses seeming trivial in comparison to the gains!

Keep at it!

I'm still hungry, a few days after descending from the mountain! I keep on eating, then becoming hungry again almost right away.

Sure seems much easier to work on a laptop than to survive brutal outdoors challenges!

Carrying on!

Hm. After leaving my old, supposedly dead phone plugged in, it seems to power on. Shows 1% battery, but staying on longer than expected. Seems to function roughly normally. Doesn't connect to USB properly, I think one of the metal pins broke off while I was trying to charge it in frustration in the rain in the mountain. Now manually copying out some audio files, a somewhat painful process. Maybe still works?

Oh, phone went off. Maybe it just had some extra juice in it. Ah well.

Tough while lately, but also tons of desirables!

Keep at it!

I'm healing more. Starting to feel like a mix of normal with recovering patient.

I think that life's like that. You're healing from one adventure, preparing for another.

It's another beautiful morning here. Woke up early, after an early night's sleep. They started setting up for some jazz last night, but I must've fallen asleep before the show.

It's tough to complain about things not working according to plan, when the alternatives can also work at least as well!

Take survivable chances! :)

Another idea for marketing for earplugs: an ad in which they're shown as comparable to a woman's nipples. :)

Each adventure that we go through, we take on new lessons, capacities, traits. Yet, we also retain our previous selves.

Weather turned out not so great. Now I'm happy to stay here!

Looks like there aren't many remaining places where I'd want to stay a while and work, here in Guadeloupe. As such, considering even staying in this hotel for much of the rest of the Coronavirus!

My mountain wounds are healing. I can now move almost normally.

Looking up Venezuela (for work). The first suggested searches involve the current situation there. I guess I'm not the only one keeping tabs!

Fruits work surprisingly well on sandwiches, especially with cheese!

Finally catching up on these notes. Above from St. Claude, recovery. Below after riding to next location!


I'm basically ready to leave Guadeloupe. If the Coronavirus were over, I would head to the remaining islands that I want to see in this country, then continue to Dominica.

Made it to the next town, Capesterre Belle Eau. I think I'm likely to stay here for at least a few weeks, maybe even months, until the Coronavirus seems over.

I've seen and done what I want to in Guadeloupe. Also had a huge chance to repair (myself and my stuff). Basically just want to hop to a few remaining small islands here, then do the remainder of the Caribbean that I'm aiming to see. Still, difficult to predict how long this'll take.

There are always challenges. It's important for us to manage challenges and work towards goals. Complaining about challenges or getting too wrapped up or lost in them, instead of doing what one can then moving on, can cause even more harms.

It seems difficult to make same-day or day-before reservations. Understandably Airbnb hosts have difficulty dealing with late requests. There aren't many hotels around these small towns (there isn't even one here). Also, many places don't have street addresses and it can be difficult to find the place, among other problems making arrangements. I like the flexibility of being able to find a place whenever, but it seems somewhat impractical. I'm thinking of aiming for more advance planning, and as mentioned previously for somewhat longer stays. Would probably reduce the costs in renting.

My reasoning concerning the Coronavirus is that, while I think that they've technically reopened the borders, I don't want to get into a difficult situation getting stuck or not allowed into another country with all of the other Coronavirus difficulties. I've had enough problems crossing Caribbean borders before the Coronavirus.

Even after drinking huge amounts of water, I'm still thirsty!

There are some common patterns within countries, and some among many countries. These make things seem consistent, which can be logistically easier but emotionally more complicated.

I'm going to aim for at least a few weeks, maybe even a few months, here. It's considerably longer than I've spent in any place since -- oh, actually not that long ago, P-a-P. My priority now is on work, while the Coronavirus works its way out.

The place where I'm staying now, an apartment in Capesterre Belle Eau, Guadeloupe, covers the entire top floor of a building. On one side, I can see the large volcanic mountain where I came from. On the other side, I can see the sea where I'm going. Poetic!

I feel like things have changed considerably for me here in Guadeloupe. When I arrived, I was having difficulties getting anywhere, with much of my stuff broken. Still having numerous difficulties with much broken stuff, but now I'm consistently renting nice places, replacing or repairing things. In part I think the result of months, years, decades of working towards goals. Also, trying different, more practical approaches. Plus luck.

BTW, having some instant milk lately (I often don't drink milk due to the lactose). Tastes more like cow than fresh milk. Apparently the powder process preserves the flavors. Cow aroma particles.

An idea: mix water, sugar, salt, vegetable oil, corn starch, soy protein isolate, and a vitamin & mineral supplement. Probably the cheapest and grossest way to get a complete, balanced diet! :)

Paying much lower rent here than at other place in this country (Guadeloupe). The first night was expensive, it was through an agency which appears to take a large cut. Now dealing directly.

Microwave broke, so I'm cooking with gas for the first time in a while. Lentils, potatoes, many herbs & spices, coffee, milk, sugar. Yum!

It's stressful dealing with finding a place on a regular basis. More comfortable to have a place.

The small town where I'm now staying is called Capesterre Belle Eau. Even though "Eau" means "Water" in French, the place where I'm staying has had the water out on the first and third days out of three!

The place is surrounded by the sea and the sources where they bottle water, and it's raining!

At least the water is back on now.

Feels nice to have a place for a somewhat longer while. I can relax more, cook. There are also benefits to traveling often, like frequently seeing new places. Still, I'm sore, tired, happy to have a while in one place.

Keep on going!


La Soufriere, Nearly Dying!

Submitted by eagle on Fri, 08/14/2020 - 15:19

After a pleasant pause, I went on an adventure up la Soufriere, a volcanic mountain with a tropical forest. It was a spontaneous morning-of decision. I nearly died! Here are some scattered notes.


(Photo gallery!)


Finally, for the first time after my ride out of town, my foot feels better. I had stepped on some sharp plant. Now I feel like I can walk on both feet again, at least somewhat better.

I feel like it's been a topsy-turvy while.

I suppose I often feel that way, in part due to my emotions and in part due to events.

I'm becoming increasingly anti-noise as I age.

I have to leave this place by the end of the week (there's another guest who reserved the place over the weekend). I'm not yet sure exactly when I go.

Next, down to the nearby town. Then, probably take some ferries to other islands in Guadeloupe.

I'm thinking of seeing some but not all of the islands, then taking the ferry to the next country, Dominica!

I don't want to go there until the Coronavirus is over, however.

Maybe a waiting game, to see how long until it's normal to cross international borders again.

I think I'm feeling much better in body & mind without coffee, or much sugar, acid, and other such stuff. I feel calmer throughout the day, happier. Instead of spikes.

I'm going for more consistent work.

A huge blister on my foot from where I stepped on a sharp plant, finally broke!


Things not working out.

Two Airbnbs failed.

Phone and laptop not working, perhaps due to overheating.


Laptop seems to work!


My old phone seems dead. I think I broke it while trying to charge. I was using it as my exposable phone with a bunch of installed stuff. I managed just to sync the photos and videos. Probably some voice notes and other stuff that didn't get backed up. Not a big deal, I already have another phone that actually works here!


Bike basically works! A reflector fell off, which I kept, which I'll see if I can reattach. A sticker came off. The seat fell off. I didn't have the exact right tool to fix it. I collected the seat as we packed up things for the last effort back, but it fell out of a hole in the bag. Not that big of a deal, it was uncomfortable anyways.

Kontan wè zot

(Glad to see you)


Got my life back!


Some chocolate survived! Also I think some peanuts that some people gave me, and a few other foods. I think some other chocolate and other foods fell out of the bag on the way back down.


People often complain about hospital food. At the hospital in the French Caribbean, the food was mixed. There were some delicious green beans. Also, some large root vegetables whose name I don't know (ñame?). There was some grated food that I couldn't definitively identify (cabbage?). The salad dressing tasted like it may have been expired. There was some delicious gouda cheese and butter! Also some tasty rolls. There was a pasta dish, which I think was their take on mac & cheese, which was quite disappointing. Also, some yogurt, cherry jam, and water. All in all, quite tasty!


My glasses seem even more scratched up than before. I think from trying to clean them with various materials and probably scratching the lenses with small rocks. Not that big a deal. I'm in the process of working on the replacements (Eagle Eyes Goggles) anyways!



La Soufriere, Guadeloupe!

I'm extremely thankful to have made it. As harsh as it was, and costly, at least I survived. I'm aiming to be smarter and stronger going forward. Fewer crazy mountain chances. A few weeks or months of more serious work and less travel. Recuperate!


The mountain is called la Soufriere - appropriate name!


Food never tastes so good as when you're hungry! Like, after several days up a tropical forest volcano, in the rain, working hard, with not enough food!


Feels great to get back down to Earth!


I like things more now, and am feeling more tolerant. To a large extent I think those effects wear off the farther one gets from a life-or-death experience. Still, something to appreciate!


Right now there's a palm tree under the light blue sky and white clouds. Looks beautiful!


I'm excited to spend a while resting, getting better.



Eagle Gamma @ la Soufriere, Guadeloupe!


Seems like everything that could have gone wrong, did. Almost. I cut myself, the bike fell apart, the rain came (making things much more difficult as I became progressively waterlogged), the GPS and charging port on my phone failed.


No serious injuries, thankfully!

I have some chafing on my arm, from wet clothing rubbing against my skin. I have a somewhat deep cut on my index finger, from grabbing an open sardine can while reaching for food (I wanted to carry back all my garbage, so I still had the can). My feet are sore from walking, as is most of my body from pushing and pulling stuff.


I was taking some stuff a few meters (around ten to a hundred), then returning for more, then more. Scrambling through the trees, up and down cliffs that often seemed too hard. As my stuff took on more water, it became heavier, and I had to take fewer things. Also, I sometimes went ahead on scouting missions, to see what was ahead. By the worst of it, I was doing like nine trips over each part of the path. Getting to know it better! Each time felt somewhat more familiar, but still difficult.

At least I'm somewhat more diligent now!


A few times, including at the end, I think I wound up on wrong areas, walking along the river bottom instead of on a trail.


Kept going through much. Didn't realize I had some of those capacities in me. This ranks among the more difficult things I've ever done. In terms of psychological, physiological, and other considerations.


I'm in some pain, but it's the kind of pain that feels somewhat pleasant. You can almost relax into it, feeling the healing.


As I was on the way back, having decided that it seemed too dangerous to carry on, I got back to the river crossing. There, I encountered a group of guys who were coming from back where I'd started. They gave me a tasty sandwich, and offered assistance. After some talking, and after I'd lifted my stuff back up from the river onto the trail, I agreed to go with them. They disassembled the bike, each carrying part. In a rush, I left behind a few things, which were old and unnecessary anyways. We walked quickly back to the base. It took like an hour or so, to cover what would have probably taken me two days!


I guess I have some repairs and replacements to do, of my stuff and my body!


Even before going up the mountain, I was having problems. An Airbnb that I'd requested to book, turned out to be unavailable. I tried to reserve another, but it was also unavailable. Wound up camping out.


Now it's finally cool, would've been a nice weekend ride, but I think I need to rest up some more.


Things often go differently than one had planned. It's important to realize that our ideals and plans are just that, and do not reflect how things will actually transpire. As such, we have to respond to the situations as they unfold.


My glasses are so scratched up that I can hardly see through them. Just put on my backup pair, some glasses from a few years ago. I can see again!


I think it's important to move on.

A couple of years ago or so, when I was considering whether to leave Miami for the Caribbean islands, I felt unsure for a while. Looking back several times over recent months, I've consistently felt glad to have left. As much as I often miss Miami, I'm happy to see these other places. I think that the experiences have been worth the sacrifices!


Some lessons:

  • Find ways to survive!
  • Work with other people!
  • Carry backups!


Looking back at some photos and videos, that was quite scary!


Along the way, many people told me that it was impossible. Also, many people wished me "courage", which is a common thing to say here. Maybe stupid to do these activities, but also rewarding!


The volcano at the top was closed off, because of toxic fumes.


There was a sulphur smell. On the way back, I was so hungry that it reminded me of eggs and made me want to eat!


I'm again humbled by an adventure!


So many things to do!


Keep on going!


In the ambulance, when I asked not to receive the blood sugar test because I dislike needles, the paramedic issuing it noted that I'd just come down from days in the mountain in much worse conditions, but was afraid of a small needle! Funny but true.


Hard to describe how great it feels to get back into a safe hotel after just about dying!


Now for a break!



Back to safety, in Guadeloupe!

On the Road Again in Guadeloupe!

Submitted by eagle on Sun, 08/02/2020 - 12:05

Finally, left Point-a-Pitre!

Went earlier in the week, instead of on the weekend as I had initially planned. The weather forecast showed rain storms over the weekend, which I didn't want to get stuck in. Turned out not to be rain storms (there's the weather forecast for you). Still, may have improved my outcomes to have left earlier as I did since I ran into some problem along the way.


Eagle Gamma in Guadeloupe!

I was getting quite frustrated staying in such a small town, as nice as it was in some ways. Also, I had many troubles getting out of town. Leaving during the week had more stores open, which may thus have enabled me to get going.

Some thoughts before leaving:

This place (Point-a-Pitre) kept surprising me at how big it is. Looking at the stats, I see that it's actually a way bigger city than I thought it was.

I'd been planning to carry on this weekend. However, it looks like rain and maybe thunderstorms this weekend. Now I'm thinking of going as soon as tomorrow. Not sure that I'm ready yet!

The history of Pointe-à-Pitre is marked by many disasters: the fires of 1850, 1871 and 1931, the earthquakes of 1851 and 1897 and the hurricanes of 1865 and 1928. The city also experienced several epidemics of cholera.

From <>

Seventy percent of residents of Pointe-à-Pitre resided in subsidized public housing in 2009.[10]

From <>

Widely varying forecasts, some saying tons of rain, some saying not much, this weekend. Probably depends on whether or not storms develop.

I'm dying to leave!

Often the problems are benefits, as I've noted many times.

I have an encapsulation theory. This compares with how later species, such as humans, go through stages in the womb that compare to the shapes of earlier species. Instead, I'm comparing the stages of an individual life to the hominids. As a baby, one is dependent, as most apes depend on instincts. In childhood, one starts to walk and make friends, like australopithecines. Later, as a teenager, one fights with tools, like early human species. As a young adult, one makes fires and travels, like Neanderthals. Then, one goes through several "industrial revolutions", depending on jobs with more serious machines. In later adulthood, it's like more developed societies, where one becomes increasingly dependent on machines and weak, until eventually the machines take over (life support).

I think I remarked on this before, but so far Guadeloupiens seem to me like some of the friendlier Caribbean people I've met. There's also considerable crime.

The first day was disastrous. Overnight, I was awoken by rain, and some crunching sounds which turned out to be a rat eating some of my chips. In the morning, just about as soon as I set out, a wheel on the stroller I was using broke. It was the same wheel that had previously been hit by a truck while I was walking in town. I'd thought that it held together, but apparently the extra weight was enough to crush it.

As I struggled to push the stuff out of town, the stroller fell apart further. I found a discarded luggage on wheels, and switched to it. I stopped in at a restaurant, eating a delicious courtbouillon de poisson avec racines (a fish stew with root vegetables). Waited out some rain, then kept going.

The luggage also had broken wheels, not sure if they were already like that or if I did that by overpacking it. Soon I was dragging it on the case itself, rather than on any wheels, with great difficulty.

Also, I had to go the bathroom several times on the way out of town, which was inconvenient due to the rain and being out in edge of town.

Before crossing the bridge out of town, I got stuck in another rain shower. While waiting, I thought it made more sense just to stay in town another night, then head out the next day. My phone was out of data. I recharged. Afterwards, I started looking up places, but the phone was too slow to show any. It still had the problems from since I arrived in this country.

After the rain died down, I decided just to keep going anyways.

It turned out to be a pleasant evening stroll. I walked through some challenging wet grounds, then got to a site to camp.

The place was swampy, infested with insects. However, I got some sleep.

You can experience different parts of the past from the present. E.g., phone not working? Go back to the days of 2G! Camping? Go back to before buildings, electricity, etc.!

In the morning, I went looking to buy a phone that would work in Guadeloupe, so that I could work. A few stores were closed. I finally found a phone.

Next, I went looking for a bike or other luggage. After some long, arduous walking, I was getting extremely sore, hardly able to go on any more. As I was getting close to a bike shop, struggling to drag the luggage with broken wheels, a car pulled up. The driver asked if I wanted help. She drove me to the bike shop.

There, it turned out to be one of those expensive road bike shops, not really appropriate or affordable for what I was looking to do. I kept walking.

With just about my last energy, I made it to a mall, the same one where I bought this computer that enabled me to work in P-a-P. In the mall, I bought a bike and some accessories. Kept going!


New bike!

Felt way different walking with a bike instead of the broken carriers. Instead of feeling slowed down, I felt like I had an ally.

I'd forbidden myself from riding the bike until I got rid of more weight, because it seemed unsafe. When I came across a long downhill, I spontaneously decided to ride it anyways. Nearly died due to some oscillations from all the weight on my front wheel. Still, fun!

Since then, have kept riding as well as walking. Still risky, but I'm covering more ground, and feeling better. Keep at it!

As I kept going, I tried to rent a place. Not much available out here. An Airbnb that I rented, the host didn't provide an address, so I kept going. Did finally make it to another place, where I'm writing now.

Along the way, I've had a tough time carrying on, with so much stuff. Because I left town before I had expected, I still had tons of stuff. Much of it's food, which I've been eating my way through. Still, carrying way more than I should. One of the more important travel lessons it to travel light.

Gorgeous countryside. Coastal hills. Some tough climbs (which I've largely been walking, overweight with stuff). Amazing descents.

Despite all my mistakes, I remember what it's like to bike tour, and why I like it!

A few developments already from this Guadeloupe touring. I now want to rent more, camp less. I now plan to switch to an electric bike as soon as I'm beyond the area where I expect to have to fly off an island soon and get rid of a bike. The hills are a pain while loaded. Also, I want to be able to get places faster. In general, I'm now aiming for somewhat more upscale touring, rather than just winging it.

I'm now thinking of my approach as to have a somewhat normal stay in a place for a week or more, then to ride rapidly to another place. This contrasts against an earlier way that I've traveled, more often traveling. I'm now more interested in work and other activities, but still want to see places.

Also, I'm going back to drinking largely water. It's a refreshing and convenient drink. In North America and some Caribbean islands, it was also the easiest to get, from taps in the US or from the large bottles in other countries. Guadeloupe doesn't seem to have large bottles, so I'd figured I'd get medium bottles of soda or juice instead of medium bottles of water. However, I think that all the sugar and acids in those drinks makes me feel worse, so I'm switching back to water (which also costs less, but not that much).

In the Caribbean, it's often too hot and humid, and also rainy and stormy, for bike touring to be pleasant. I'm now aiming to stay a while in a place, then go on a cloudy but not rainy day to another place, instead of constantly riding.

Made it to another place, where I've extended my stay a few times through some storms. Now it's been a week. I was thinking of heading off again, but having thoughts of staying even longer.

Photo album of leaving Point-a-Pitre here.

I feel like I've finally used up or gotten rid of enough stuff that I can go ahead without needing to get rid of more! While still far from perfect, of course, I feel much better now, having left. Having reupped, in terms of bike and phone and other stuff. Having seen many people and places. Having survived!

At any rate, keep going!


Working to Leave!

Submitted by eagle on Fri, 07/03/2020 - 13:30


There are tougher times. Slog through!

It's not just me, affected by the weather. On cloudy days, different people come out than on sunny days. People act much more rowdily in some weather than in other weather.

Continuing through the week!

Each step takes a while.

Idea: porn involving extinct species of humans. Have people dress up like Australopithecines and others, and act crazy!

Finally, after months of delays, the package is in P-a-P!

Still not available for pick-up.

It's Monday! Power's back off at the place where I've been charing up.

I'm dying to leave, but still waiting on the goggles to arrive, getting a phone, and more of civilization to open up again.

It seems like more stuff continues to get back to normal.

I can now feel from the weather what sort of day it will be.

For example: hot, muggy day: tons of loud activities, me feeling tired and sensitive.

The heat and humidity are extreme.

Keep going through the tough stuff!

Motivation power strength!

Things happen differently than one would expect. Important to adapt!

Rainy morning, sat in a café/restaurant, had breakfast while charging up.

Went to the phone shop after making an appointment (it's still by appointment only, due to Coronavirus). Showed up, but they said their systems were down. At any rate, doesn't seem that likely that they'll be able to do much. Maybe I'll get another phone, although I got the impression that they won't let me test it beforehand.

Tons of stuff seems broken here. Caribbeanitis. Things often don't work. But it's relaxing.

Seems like this place is at a see-and-be-seen location, at a corner on the main boulevard. Tons of styles and fashions going by.

This town (Point-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe) seems quite fashionable. Numerous fashion stores, people like to dress up.

It's one of the busier places I've seen in the Caribbean, even though it's not huge.

Going on!


Dealing with Oneself!

Submitted by eagle on Tue, 06/23/2020 - 18:29

Eagle Gamma in Guadeloupe!

For years in temperate countries, I yearned for warmer climates. Now that I've spent years in the tropics, I'm starting to yearn somewhat for a cooler climate!

Probably only for a while, then I think I'd quickly get sick of it again and want some sun!

Apparently Northern Europeans like to go to the far north for recreation. I guess it's like people further south going to the tropics for vacation.

Sitting here in a bar, nominally Dominican.

Catchy French-language music, reminds me of Haiti.



Some ongoing frustrations. Still haven't found a fully working phone solution. Seems like both the phone and the card that I have are showing issues, and the shops haven't solved it yet.

Power went out at the public place where I've been charging up. Also, more stores are opening. I'm planning to rent again!

Then probably get back out there, when a few more things are open and I've wrapped up my stuff here.

There are some delicious smells around this area.

A recurring theme: often when things don't work out, it's for the best.

I feel like I've become substantially better at many aspects of travel, which also improves my abilities in other areas like work, over the years. I suppose that's part of the process.

I still have tons of areas that I want to work on. Many are psychological.

I still struggle with the basics, after so many years. That's one of my ongoing areas of work, is to get better at taking care of paying work, important chores, and more.

Seems like we're on the way out of Coronavirus territory, but I've thought (and written) so much before, and been wrong.

Often, during work or other activities, I get so involved that I forget why I travel. However, on stepping back, I can see the rewards again!

Music, food, people, places, culture, geography!

I feel like I haven't had that much to say lately, because I've largely just been working. Much of my thought comes from going different places, seeing and doing different things.

There are often occasions when I'm uncertain what to do, and have to act anyways.

Presumably a common situation. I guess we can take chances, do our best!

Still camping out. Maybe rent next week?

After a long week, relaxing w/ a tropical rum punch!

Caribbean music on the loudspeakers!

(Or is it French? I think it's French Caribbean.)

Feeling better!

Each day, week, month, year is different than the last!

We have to adapt to carry on!

Feeling high, tired, happy after a long week!

Things continue to turn out way differently than I expected, but that's what I now expect!

There's always something! :)

I think that some stimuli that annoy me when I'm trying to work don't annoy me when I'm trying to relax.

Jamaintenant (n., Fr., jamais "never" + maintenant "now"): when things happen in the French Caribbean. :)

It still seems so weird to me to be in a French Caribbean place. My impressions of French and Caribbean cultures is somewhat divergent. Both are definitely sense-oriented. But the French seems so refined, the Caribbean so coarse. Anyways, fun!

My feelings are all over the place!

Like the weather!

It feels funny to be human. Like it's normal, but at the same time sort of weird. We handle stuff that we can't make all the time. We don't know a fraction of ourselves. We're just born here. It seems so normal, yet it's so far beyond us. Weird.

I'm somewhat appreciating being middle-agedier.

It's sort of strange having all these capacities, desires, etc., some of which are biological many of which are cultural.

The place where I had been charging up, which was turned off last week, is now back on.

Don't worry excessively. There's tons of false anxieties. Focus on positives!

A bird went flying by with a ribbon or something attached to it. Looked funny!

A cooler, cloudier day. Feels great!

I think that the tropical weather has been tough on my body.

Jeje, now my body feels hurt in a different way from this weather. Stiff joints.

Continuing here in Guadeloupe for a while longer!

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)